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    New neogeo homebrew in development : TEOT

    Anyone preorder this? Due to the payment circumstances (Paypal gift is required) and the amount of money (400 Euros for an AES cart) I've been hesitant to commit to it.
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    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    I'm interested in buying one of these consolized MVS units on Aliexpress. I want to get one that allows the ability to play other Jamma boards. Is it better to buy a system that uses a 1B or 1C board? After reading this thread I see that 1C is better, but the sellers on Aliexpress say that the...
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    Dinoforce: unreleased PC Engine shooter dumped for FREE

    I gave the rom a try and thought it wasn't that great. Anyone else play it? If so, what do you think?
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    Biggest Neo Geo related regrets back in the day :(

    I forget what year it was, but I had the choice of buying Fatal Fury Special or Pulstar for $40. I opted for Fatal Fury Special because it was the last game I needed for a complete Fatal Fury collection. Had no idea at the time Pulstar was worth way more. Once I found out of course it was gone...