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  1. donluca

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    I like that the new forums are still pretty lightweight and snappy. Well done!
  2. donluca

    3D printed Metal Slug 001 Vehicle

    I have a friend who's invested quite a bit in his 3D printer and today he sent me this picture: I was literally amazed, he said it took 23 hours for the printer to do it. Had to come here and share, can't wait to see it painted!
  3. donluca

    System16B issue: vertical lines on sprites

    Here's the story: bought a couple months ago a System16B board with a 5704 Rom Board, it was running Tetris on an encrypted FD1094 CPU. The boards were in a pretty rough shape, so I cleaned it up a bit, replaced some caps which were on the verge of leaking and tested it out and worked without...
  4. donluca

    Is it possible to dipswitch a 161-in-1?

    I was reading through an old thread here: It looked like they were going somewhere but then the thread died. I was wondering what those Cable-1 and Cable-2 were for and if there was a way to bypass the initial menu. From what I...
  5. donluca

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    Thanks! And yeah, it's definitely a super gun, it's a bare bone jamma harness with connectors, hooked up to a modified mvs board. One day I hope to get a cab and slam it in and play it the old way. While I'm at it, here's my retro station: I look things nice and clean and with no cables...
  6. donluca

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    Introducing... the Poverty CMVS: for the broke Neo Geo fan. Yup, it's a shoebox I had which used thick, solid cardboard and came with a small frontal hole, ideal to get cables through. To cover stuff, I've put a paper on top with the codes for the 138-in-1 dipswitch and cut a small window so...
  7. donluca

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My custom stick parts arrived. (plus other stuff I needed) Fun times ahead. For those wondering: Seimitsu LS-40 stick and IL pushbuttons. ;)
  8. donluca

    PCM Sound & Stability Fixes Multicarts - 120 in 1, 138 in 1, 161 in 1 and others.

    I'd love to, but I've already removed them and god only knows where they are by now. If you want, tomorrow I'll take pictures of where they were but it looks like it's random. GadgetUK found only one in his board in another position. Anyway, they're pretty easy to spot if you look closely...
  9. donluca

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    I'm clueless when it comes to FM and PCM. One thing I know for sure is that the MKL circuit needs to be fixed. Here's the fixed version: If you tell me which game/track you want to hear I can do it. Meanwhile I can upload a track like Matrimelee's intro which doesn't have SFX in it if you...
  10. donluca

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    Well, house didn't catch fire, I'm here still alive, and the new/old audio output stage is kicking! The output level is still a tad quieter than my Saturn but it's absolutely acceptable and I can crank it up a lot without getting unwanted noise in the way, so all is good. This said, putting...
  11. donluca

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    Alright, the board is ready it's been one hell of a job, I should have used a bigger breadboard. I'll fit the opamps and wire it to the Yamaha chip and fire this up and see what happens. (inb4 everything blows up)
  12. donluca

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    Hi everyone, I'll begin this thread saying that I've already done the original stereo mod (the passive one, without the transistors) and I have to turn up the volume on my amplifier quite a bit compared to other consoles, but nothing new here so far. So I was looking at the board right now and...
  13. donluca

    New/Old Neo Geo aficionado just made one of his dream come true!

    TL;DR: guy got a MVS board and is happy as a kid getting his Christmas presents Hi everyone, I figured out I should make a presentation post to let people know a bit more about myself and my obsession with videogames and, in particular, arcade games. My name is Luca, I'm Italian and when I...