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    Done! Thanks man, always a pleasure.
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    FS MVS games Strikers kit, loose KOFs, Shogi, Bomberman

    Was that edit feature always there and I was just blind or did that just get added in? Or is it that you can't edit original posts anymore?
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    Need some advice on potential banner restoration project

    I really wish I had that samsho one too. Do you know when Dion sold his?
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    FS MVS games Strikers kit, loose KOFs, Shogi, Bomberman

    I'm a dinosaur and don't know how to use this new forum layout. Shock boxes are sold KOF2001 sold KOF 2002 and Neo Bomberman sold All that's left are below, price adjusts on them as well. Strikers 1945 Plus Full Kit non-matching serials but has all inserts, holo label everything in pretty...
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    Need some advice on potential banner restoration project

    Some of you may have seen but the gentleman who sold that Hyper 64 proto posted this giant banner not too long ago. I ended up with it and now I gotta figure out what to do with it. For those not familiar with our esteemed Awbacon's find you can watch his videos or read this article. awbacon's...
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    Any San Diego Neo geo arcade Heads out there???

    I'm in SD for the time being.
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    Dig's Improved Guide to Importing From Japan

    Great instructions, as someone who imports all the time this is a great resource for anyone who wants to get into doing it yourself instead of buying from dirty resellers such as myself lol. One thing I want to stress to people who aren't familiar, be VERY careful and pay attention to all the...
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Thanks for the hard work y'all! Glad to see everything up and running again.
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    FS: Strikers 1945 Plus MVS /w full art set, ST 2nd Squad MVS, Neo CD Games

    I have a buddy who might be collecting NGCD again, I'll see if I can link you two
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    FS MVS games Strikers kit, loose KOFs, Shogi, Bomberman

    Got some stuff for sale after doing some condition upgrades. Prices are shipped within the US, international let me know for shipping quotes. Feel free to make me offers if you think prices are too high, open to trades as well. Can send board pics and accept many forms of payment. Strikers 1945...
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    FS: CPS2 B boards X-Men COTA, MVC, X-Men VS SF

    Location is San Diego, CA. I have 3 of my double B boards for sale, all are kinda dirty but work great. 2 of them have been revived but one is unopened and has the original battery. All work with USA/EUR/JPN A boards. You can play these as is, convert them to something else, or Darksoft mod...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    This just in. Now I gotta figure out how to use it on my candy cab. Not sure if I wanna do the flight stick mod or try to buy the OG guns and figure that out.
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    Game boy Ballers post here

    I stopped collecting for GB but I still have this. One of my prized gaming pieces. The stand is rare than the kiosk unit, I've only seen one other person have one from an old forum post somewhere and in Nintendo kiosk catalogs.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just had a box I shipped from japan 3 months ago arrive, only game not shown is Neo Bomberman. Nothing terribly crazy here, mostly sub $100 games aside from MOTW, Andro Dunos, and Neo Bomberman. Bunch of KOF, both Stakes Winners, FF3, Real Bout, Master of Shogi, League Bowling, Fire Suplex, Quiz...
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    Need help identifying Hyper Board

    I'm sure some of you have seen this but I'm trying to get info to help the guy who has it. I originally thought it was a rental unit but taking a look inside I don't think so. I don't think it's a prototype based on the rom chips but hoping we can get more info here. The main sticker is the...
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    Got one, thread no longer needed

    Edit: Got the 1 slot, thanks y'all! I have a close buddy who wants to borrow some of my MVS games but I only have a 2 slot and a 4 slot. Rather than buy an adapter since I'm using my only MVS to JAMMA adapter in my Super Neo 29 I was thinking of just getting a 1 slot for cheap so that he can...
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    My long overdue Capcom Impress Restore Project

    So I ended up leaving everything outside in the sun for a while to see if I could get the yellowing to disappear. Digmac had some great results on consoles like Saturns and Famicoms so I was hoping these plastic parts would whiten up a good amount. So the results were good, the severe...
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    My long overdue Capcom Impress Restore Project

    Taking this thing apart was interesting. The base is 2 parts, the plastic outside and a metal inside. Wish they made the entire cab out of metal or fiberglass because the plastic cracks so easily. The screws had rusted so bad some of them broke. After pulling it all apart now was time to...