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  1. CarlosZ

    New Selling thread! 9/3/06

    Sorry to make another thread, I just felt like the other one got cluttered. :crying: Everything complete unless stated! Prices do not include shipping. MAS 10 Button Competition Arcade stick! For the ps2 AND DC $70 MANGA: Dragon Hunter 1-4, Love Hina 1-4, Neon Genesis 1-2, Ranma 1, Cowboy...
  2. CarlosZ

    CPS2 Thread

    Ok, I got a jamma cab and to be honest I knew almost nothing about. There should be a thread here to explain what the differences between pcb's, cps 2's/3's and the different foramts, for those people that have absolutely no idea what's what. I have a question, I see on both sides of the cps2...
  3. CarlosZ

    WTT/ WTB Ms. Pacman Board!

    Looking for one, quick!
  4. CarlosZ

    King of Fighters XI QS guide

    This thing is super helpful for those who aren't used to the Quick Shifting feature in Kof XI.
  5. CarlosZ

    Sorry, delete.

    Msg ASAP
  6. CarlosZ

    CarlosZ Feedback Thread

    Seeing how everyone else has one, NOW I have one.
  7. CarlosZ

    So Cal get together

    Hey guys, im planning a get together. I live in southern San Diego (Chula Vista). A saturday September ? NOT OFFICIAL (8/23/06) All I ask of people is to bring their AES consoles or somethin to play with (ps2's, xbox's) , as I only have two cabs ( UNLIKE DROID who had like 156148348 fancy cabs...
  8. CarlosZ

    Ebay scam :oh_no:
  9. CarlosZ

    Closest thing to Street Fighter Hyper fighting (ps2 version)

    The type of gameplay closest to the anniversary collection SFII :conf: street fighter II X? street fighter II turbo?
  10. CarlosZ

    Place to buy pcb's, cps2's?

    what's a good place to buy pcb's online? besides ebay,shmups, and here?
  11. CarlosZ

    Evo 2006 Las Vegas

    Curious, anyone going? I think I might go just to see whats up and just have some fun.
  12. CarlosZ

    Questions about replacing buttons, joysticks on my cab!

    Ok so I started looking into how to replace buttons and whutnot and I found out some buttons are supposed to be soldered, others can be snapped in and voila? (just adjust the microswitches or quick disconnects?) What about the joystick? Point is I want to replace my buttons and joystick from...
  13. CarlosZ

    UPDATE (8/9/06) Various Games For sale! Looking for CPS 2's ANY

    UPDATE (8/21/06) Various Games For sale! Looking for fighting cps2's and pcb's Everything complete, otherwise noted. Final Fantasy Chronicles PSX $15 Vandal Hearts PSX $15 Street Fighter Alpha 3 PSX $10 (insert missing, folded manual) Mega Man X4 PSX $10 Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition...
  14. CarlosZ

    psp Beats Of Rage

    I just found out about this and I think its really fun, only problem I have with it are finding .pak files for psp. I can find em for pc/dc/ and ps2 but finding them for the psp is pretty hard. Any ideas?
  15. CarlosZ

    Selling Mame Arcade Cabinet and Sealed Final Fantasy 7

    A 20 Inch monitor Fits inside. Make some offers people. I live in Southern Cali, San Diego for the pick up. Thanks for looking guys. :buttrock: Also have a Final Fantasy 7 Sealed GH for sale! $80 shipped! I need paypal quick! :chimp:
  16. CarlosZ


    !!! Some guy hacked into my ebay account and started selling shit WITH MY ACCOUNT!!!! Fucking Wow gold or something WTF If you see this guy WWW.GAMEGALN.COM THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT
  17. CarlosZ

    King of Fighters EX 2 : Howling Blood

    Anyone else have this? I think its awesome! Anyways, does anyone have an easy way to reach orochi master? i keep getting silver wolf :(
  18. CarlosZ

    delete this plz

    now i feel dumb for buying one, anyways, i just got this from another person in the forums and i realized i wanted a ds now. Anyone wanna trade (to the value of the psp)? The 1.5 psp comes with its original box, cables, extra hardcase for the psp, 512 mb card, headphones. I value it at $185...
  19. CarlosZ

    Just delete this, thx.

    hey guys i just got a quasicade cabinet, ive seen these with xbox's inside em or computers, what exactly is needed to get this baby running???? -need 20 inch monitor -need comp/xbox/ps2 what else? I have no idea lol
  20. CarlosZ

    Metal Slug 6?

    Kof Xi is getting some love, but what about this one??? PS2 version.