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  1. Bishamon

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I picked up a couple of Sega CD shmups:
  2. Bishamon

    >4 player offline multiplayer games

    ...have become a thing of the past, and I find it quite frustrating. With the advent of online consoles and 4 controller support on consoles becoming standard, the incentive for developers to implement support for more than four local players has disappeared. To this day, the best party-type...
  3. Bishamon

    Richard Hammond (Top Gear) in serious accident,,30000-13543385,00.html :crying:
  4. Bishamon

    I need a friend to buy Test Drive Unlimited

    I want the two extra cars! :) I can't help it; I'm a sucker for anything 'exclusive' or 'limited'. ;)
  5. Bishamon

    FFS coming to XBLA!! :)
  6. Bishamon

    Silent Library w/Ernesto Hoost :lol:
  7. Bishamon

    Dangerous tunnel Do they grease it up regularly or something?
  8. Bishamon

    Japanese Fear Factor?

    I just have no idea:
  9. Bishamon

    Top Gun 2: Brokeback Squadron
  10. Bishamon

    Gears of War Zero Hour footage

    I apologize if this has been posted already (I searched and didn't find it):;4466258;;/fileinfo.html OH. MY. GOD! Over 13 minutes long and worth watching right through!
  11. Bishamon

    XBox 360 - Dreamcast edition

    I got a kick out of this:
  12. Bishamon

    Neo-Geo bike

    My brother sent me this link to a Neo*Geo inspired/sponsored Honda RC30:
  13. Bishamon

    WTB: mint DC Shiki 2 and Psyvariar 2

    Looking for Shikigami no Shiro 2 and Psyvariar 2 for Dreamcast. Must be in mint or new condition.
  14. Bishamon

    Ikaruga t-shirts

    Pixelcorps from the Shmups forum is taking pre-orders for more Ikaruga shirts:
  15. Bishamon

    WTB: U.S. Seibu SPI motherboard >or< JP RFJ cart

    I'm looking for either a U.S. SPI motherboard >or< a Japanese Raiden Fighters Jet cartridge. I have a U.S. RFJ cart that I changed the region on, but the story text is messed up (assumingly because the text is stored in Japanese on one of the other chips, so it can't be displayed in English)...
  16. Bishamon

    What features were added in what year KOF?

    I just need to know the major features as I can't remember which years, specifically. For instance, KOF'95 added the ability to edit teams. KOF'99 added a 'striker' to the team. etc. I need this information to be accurate for an article I am writing.
  17. Bishamon

    New reality shows this fall!

  18. Bishamon

    Must-own Genesis/MD exclusives

    I never owned many Genesis carts back 'in-the-day', but lately I have the urge to pick some carts up. I'm looking for titles that aren't arcade ports and were either exclusive to the Genesis, or the best version was available for the Genesis. I already have: gunstar heroes herzog zwei the...
  19. Bishamon

    KOF 2K3 min difficulty for endings?

    I have a nice, new KOF 2K3 JAMMA board, and when I have played through on difficulty 1 (I suck, and I really like to see the various endings ;)), I get to see the main game endings, but not the various team endings. When I upped the difficulty to 4, I get my ass kicked. ;) Is there a minimum...
  20. Bishamon

    WTB: Senkyu/Battle Balls for PSX

    I'm looking for Senkyu (Battle Balls) by Seibu Kaihatsu for the PlayStation (only released in Japan, as far as I know).