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  1. Talen

    FS: Xbox 360 20gb + controller + wifi adapter

    I'm looking to sell my 20gb xbox 360 with a wireless controller, play and charge kit, and a wifi adapter. I'll also throw in Raiden Fighters Aces, Halo 3, and Forza/Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The unit is in great condition. I'd like to get $120 shipped for the whole package, but I'll consider...
  2. Talen

    FS: Ipod Classic 80 GB + ihome dock $120

    I have a black ipod classic 80 gb that I have used for the past two years, but it's started to gather dust and I'm looking to move it on to someone that will use it. It works like a champ and I have the original headphones, usb charger/sync cable and I'll include an iHome dock I picked up to...
  3. Talen

    Top Hunter JPN AES $65

    I was digging through a box of old stuff and found my Top Hunter home cart, it's Japanese, it's in very good condition except for a large tear on the back cover of the manual (that actually causes the page to fall off when not in the bag). I take paypal, and the cost will include shipping in...
  4. Talen

    WoW Wrath of the Lich King beta

    I just got my invite to the beta for wotlk, and was wondering if anyone here is in it and wants to run some stuff.
  5. Talen

    Saturn/DC cleanout

    Getting rid of the few titles I still have all games are complete and in excellent condition. I'm not really interested in breaking up or selling stuff seperately, I think my prices are fair so take it or leave it. I take paypal, contact me and we'll figure out shipping. DC Bundle - $120...
  6. Talen

    Asus A2k laptop - Athlon 64, great condition - $300 - SOLD-

    Okay, so I got this laptop new from a reseller spartan and given it minimal use. It's been great for when I needed it, but it's been sitting in the corner gathering dust. I dropped a fair bit of cash in to it upgrading various parts and bumping the hard drive to a 7200 rpm, which is still...
  7. Talen

    Hot Super Hero Action

    Not sure if someone posted this already, but the last pic made my day.
  8. Talen

    Bloomington, Indiana

    I'm moving pretty soon and I was curious if anyone here has visited or lives in the area. What's the town got as far as areas of interest, are there any cool stores I should check out, stuff that I may not have seen in the crap mailers the tourism board sent me.
  9. Talen

    -SOLD- Saturn: Battle Garegga; Shining Force 3(us); Guardian Heroes(us)

    Okay, it's a bit of house cleaning again. I'm looking for prompt paypal payment and my prices are fair, so please don't try to jerk me around on these, I'd really prefer to avoid parting with them if possible. They're all in great condition and would make an excellent part of anyone's...
  10. Talen

    WTS: NJ/NY/PA Like new Wells Gardner 7401 25" crt/display $100 OBO

    This monitor is in like new condition, I bought new from WG in 2001 and it saw minimal test use for a cabinet I was never able to finish restoration on. Since then it's sat on an elevated shelf in my basement. The display works perfectly but I have no use for it, and I'd like to sell it quick...
  11. Talen

    Ebay: WoW accounts, well geared

    I'm not sure if ebay listings are still allowed here, but I'm selling my and my friend's wow accounts. Both are very well geared and have some geared out alts and whatnot. I had them up before and had issues with non paying winners, so I'm going to give it one more shot and actually try to...
  12. Talen

    Top Hunter JPN AES $70 shipped

    I'm looking to sell this quick, so paypal please. The game and clamshell are in very good condition, the manual has a fairly large rip on the back cover. That's the only flaw in this rare find. I know NBM spent a while tracking this one down, so let's have it go to a good home. I don't have...
  13. Talen

    KoF2k jpn aes $75 shipped -SOLD-

    I want to sell this today, no crap, no wasting my time. I got it new from NCS when the game came out, get me paypal today and I'll ship it out via ups asap. The game, clamshell, and instructions are in excellent condition. I don't have a real digital camera, but I'm sure someone on the boards...
  14. Talen

    Boxed AES system with two controllers and two games $300 shipped - SOLD-

    Okay, I'm selling a boxed US neo(014020) with the following S-Video/stereo mod BIOS mod SNK memory card av/power cables japanese rgb cable Two controllers Japanese fatal fury special cart US Cyber-Lip cart I got this system from a member, Jigen, a few years back and it's served me well...
  15. Talen

    FS: Euro cotton for NGPC NEOP0105 - $45 shipped -SOLD-

    Okay, as always, I'm looking for prompt payment via paypal. This cart/box/manual is in great shape and looking for a good home. $45 shipped(in the us) and it's yours.
  16. Talen

    FS: Sony PSP + 5 games -SOLD-

    I've got bills to pay and this is the first item up on the block. I haven't posted in a while so I don't know how things are run here anymore. I've dealt with quite a few people on the boards and have a fairly decent rep. I'm looking to sell quick and get either cash(in person) or paypal...
  17. Talen

    Happy Birthday Jigen

    We miss you man.
  18. Talen

    $202 eb gift card, $150 shipped - SOLD -

    Title says it all, and it seems like a fair deal to me. I know some you guys spend more than $200 at eb in a short space of time, and that's like $50 free just to help me out. I'd prefer paypal payment.
  19. Talen

    Boxed Neo Home Cart AES System and game bundle

    This isn't mine, but TonK's. He's a banned member here due to political issues, but he's a tops seller that I highly endorse, here's what he has to say: You can PM him or reach him at
  20. Talen

    FS: Bunch of Stuffs

    This is the first of a few topics you should expect from me. My car is dead again and I need money, so I'll be selling a lot of things I really don't want to let go of. First on the block: Microsoft MN-740 Xbox Wireless Bridge This is the official wireless bridge/adaptor for xbox that just...