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  1. thirdkind

    FS: MGS2:SOL PS2

    Prices include shipping in the US and bonus pubes. Will consider shipping internationally for members with good feedback and deep pockets. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2, new/sealed) - $25 Robo Aleste (Sega CD, new/sealed) - moved to the bay
  2. thirdkind

    WTB: Super Grafx (got one)

    Edit: Got one. Looking to buy a Super Grafx. Box and accessories aren't important, but the console itself needs to be as cosmetically clean as possible. I'm open to a complete system/box/etc. ("collectard quality") if the price is fair.
  3. thirdkind

    FS: Turbo EverDrive (new) SOLD

    SOLD Purchased from SAG. Black PCB, black shell with label, sleeve. Brand new/unopened. $90 shipped (almost $40 less than the same config from SAG, which is backordered).
  4. thirdkind

    Free: Pillars of Eternity Steam key

    Gone! Claimed by Lastblade. Haven't posted in years, and while there seem to be some new rules against only posting in the market forum, I'm hoping this will get a pass since it's a giveaway. I have a Steam key for Pillars of Eternity for anyone who wants it (got it in the Humble Bundle a few...
  5. thirdkind

    FS: Brand new custom PC tower (or parts) - Antec/Asus/EVGA/Intel

    I built myself a PC right after Christmas to give Linux (Ubuntu) a try full-time, but making the transition from my current workflow has proved too disruptive and I've decided to stick with my Mac for now. Asking $1100 plus shipping for the whole package. Current price on these parts is about...
  6. thirdkind

    FS: VRC (Virtual Racing Chassis) by Bob Earl

    This is a brand new black VRC gaming racing seat. Asking $250 (paid $370 shipped). For complete details, check out the web site of Bob Earl, who designs and sells the VRC: It's ideal for the Logitech G25 and G27, but works with most other wheels as well. It...
  7. thirdkind

    Anybody build or sell cabinets for arcade monitors?

    So I'm thinking of picking up a large arcade monitor (one of the 27" or 29" multiscan ones that accepts VGA directly) for use with a PC running various emulators. However, I don't want a full cab or anything like that. I'd prefer to put the monitor on a TV stand and park my ass in a comfortable...
  8. thirdkind

    Valkyria Chronicles $19.99 at GameStop (sorry)

    As loathe as I am to give them my business, $19.99 for Valkyria Chronicles is a good price. I finally bought it. Just thought those of you who held out this long might be interested.
  9. thirdkind

    I want to play RPGs. Should I just suck it up and buy a 360?

    I have a PS3 and love it, but now that I'm finally tiring of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, I'm not sure where to go next. DA:O looks okay I guess. Demon's Souls is more hack n' slash than I want (though I'll probably check that one out anyway because of the positive reviews). I dislike FF and have no...
  10. thirdkind

    Fallout 3 PS3 DLC: anyone having problems?

    I'm about to cave and drop the cash for all the Fallout DLC on PSN, but I've been reading a lot of complaints from PS3 owners experiencing frequent freezes and crashes in the GOTY edition, mostly within the DLC areas. I'm trying to figure out if this problem is specific to the GOTY edition or if...
  11. thirdkind

    Help me find a hentai Christmas gift

    So my office is doing a Secret Santa thing, and it's a pretty liberal place where the gifts are expected to be hilarious and over the top. To give you an example, last year's gifts included animals--both live and dead--and a fair amount of S&M gear. The girl I got slipped up a bit today and...
  12. thirdkind

    Which makes a better old school gaming setup?

    So I'm putting a nerd station in my bedroom because it's not like anything else goes on in there these days. Said nerd station will consist of a display and a bunch of classic consoles. First idea is to pick up a tube off craigslist, probably a 27" Sony Wega since they're all over the place for...
  13. thirdkind

    I just met Robert Siegel (screenwriter for The Wrestler)

    I was on my third date with this really amazing girl and we decided to go see Big Fan at the Ritz Bourse in Old City (Philly). At the end of the movie, the usher comes in and tells us to hang around after the credits because the screenwriter and director, Robert Siegel, is there for a Q&A...
  14. thirdkind

    Super Mario laser cutter. Nerdiest way to reproduce video game music? Quite possibly. Could only be outdone by a dot matrix printer in my opinion.
  15. thirdkind

    BSG finale [Combined thread] (SPOILERS)

    Loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Science vs. religion was given its day, and the answer to the argument is that it doesn't matter, which is sweetly ambiguous. The very end was a little heavy-handed in driving home the point that we are the present point in the Cylon vs. human cycle...
  16. thirdkind

    Internet (character minimum is retarded) Apparently, it's going to change the world. Best part is around the 1:40 mark where the interviewee begins to talk about how civil the discussions are. Made me think of this place immediately.
  17. thirdkind

    Amazon has the PS3 HRAP3 in stock for $100

    Edit: Sold out, sorry. Just bought one. Sorry for the new topic, but I figured some would be interested and didn't want it to get buried in the multitude of SFIV/MadCatz/controller/etc. threads. Can anyone provide me with a list of parts I'll need...
  18. thirdkind

    PS3 as Linux rom box?

    So I was reading an article about installing Ubuntu on the PS3 today, and it got me thinking about my current side project of building a dedicated rom box. I have a proof of concept up and running in the form of an old laptop running XP outputting 640x480@60Hz on a nice 21" Hitachi CRT I've had...
  19. thirdkind

    FS: DC NIB, Saturn NIB (x2), Virtua Gun JPN NIB, Saturn and DC new/used games

    Prices include standard shipping, which is why individual game prices are a little high. Shipping discounts for multiple items. Dreamcast US console NIB - $75 Bought this as a backup when the DC was discontinued. I plugged it in once when I bought it to test it out (using another DC's...
  20. thirdkind

    FS: Modded Genesis and Mega CD 2

    I'm saying goodbye to my Genesis/Sega CD setup. Please give these fine items a good home. Prices include shipping in the US. PayPal preferred. Sega Genesis Model 1 with S-video, stereo RCA, and US/JP region switch modifications - $75 I bought this Genesis at launch. It's in very good condition...