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  1. Gyrian

    FS: A little SAT, one DC, and one... PCE?

    Alright folks, here are a few more that I've been meaning to get to. Prices include fast, tracked US shipping via USPS Priority. Payment via PayPal. Feel free to make an offer over multiple items. Full image gallery with pictures for each item. Sega Saturn JP $70 -> $60 Marvel Super...
  2. Gyrian

    FS: JP Saturn & Dreamcast games

    Moving along the SEGA ladder, here's a few more I'm parting ways with. Prices are shipped to continental US, payment via PayPal. Feel free to make an offer for multiple items. EDIT: final price bump, or take them all for $75 shipped. $45 Saturn classics VG condition. Some have spines and other...
  3. Gyrian

    Genesis1 + SCD2 bundle, MD Sticks & Games, and... Figures?

    Gang, It's about time that I pass a few things along. All prices are shipped to continental US only (buy quantity and I'll adjust accordingly). Full image galleries:
  4. Gyrian

    Testing the waters

    Ha! Was prepared for the very worst, and it's surprisingly less offensive than I imagined. More or less reminds me of this one, actually:
  5. Gyrian


    Nicely done, Tw3ek!
  6. Gyrian

    FS: Mega Drive Megathread; JP Games, JP Manual & Insert LOT, Sega CD

    Google Doc item list link here. I have been wanting to prepare this for a good while, and it is finally ready! Up for sale are a number of Mega Drive games, inserts, manuals, and cases; as well as a model 2 Sega CD. Please let me know if you'd like additional pictures for any of this. Looking...
  7. Gyrian

    FS: PS4 /w Destiny LE, modded model 2 Saturn, extras

    I've got a couple of systems to sell, so I thought to try a stop here before looking over eBay. Full picture gallery for everything in this post. PayPal gift or +4%. Prices include shipping to US lower 48. • Launch model PS4 mint in box. $250 -> SOLD for $220 shipped • Modded US model 2...