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  1. Black_Tiger

    SOLD: Last Resort MVS cart

    The game is no longer available. Last Resort MVS cart: $70 + shipping by Canada Post or will trade for Magician Lord MVS.
  2. Black_Tiger

    Multi Cart game question

    Are all the roms on the multi carts identical to real released official cart games? I'm particularly wondering about games listed with variant titles, like "PLUS" on the end. An example is on one cart I saw listings for SVC CHAOS PLUS and SVC CHAOS Romix. Are either of those the same as an...
  3. Black_Tiger

    FS: Debugger Playstion System, Lucienne's Quest 3DO, Cotton Duo, Ys I & II Duo Sealed

    Developer's debugger Playstation: $100(paypal) shipped with North America Model No DTL-H1101 Playstation Programmerer Tool NTSC U/C Debugging Station Plays U.S. &...
  4. Black_Tiger

    FS: Beyond Shadowgate Rare Turbo Duo Game $99.99
  5. Black_Tiger

    PC Engine GT & Turbo Express: SOLD

    these items have already been sold
  6. Black_Tiger

    PC Engine Neo ports.

    Any other PC Engine fans around here? If so, what's your favorite Neo Geo to PC Engine port? I expect that most would say Fatal Fury Special. But mine's World Heroes 2. To me, WH2 ACD was the best Neo to "16-bit" conversion. It uses the PCE's color display potential the best, the backgrounds...
  7. Black_Tiger

    FS: Modded White Saturn & more...

    FS: Phantasy Star SMS, LE Grandia SS, Modded White Saturn, MD & Fam Converters... Most of the following are for PayPal only: Limited Edition GRANDIA Set for Sega Saturn, includes spine, manuals, big book thing, mini cd, cloth map, etc...