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    I Got Married!

  2. Lastblade

    Spring 2023 pics thread

    I think the picture could be taken a little higher so you can see both the actual top of the trees and their reflections. Otherwise it looks good! Keep in mind I don't know the first thing about photography, just my own impression.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    The Joker's stat lines are ridiculous. He is so damn good.
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    werejag steam keys for the OGs vol.2

    PM on BC
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Nuggets vs. Heat! Should be a good series.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Nothing beats a minivan in transporting kids/people and cargo. I have had 2 Honda Odysseys and their utility is better than 99% of SUVs. Unfortunately marketing has brainwashed people into thinking AWD/4WD is a necessity for grocery shopping.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    I hope Suns sign Kyrie so they can be Nets West next year.
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    Just got my 8yr old hooked on Fireball Island (the original). She is addicted since she won the last game with her last dice roll that overtook me to the boat!
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    Any reason to own an original Xbox in 2023?

    I was going to add Phantom Dust, but that is playable on XB1 and on. The whole Ninja Gaiden series are also playing on XB1+. Steel Battalion it is.
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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Primal Rage is terrible, the control scheme makes zero sense. If they remake it with normal SF/MK controls, it might be worth a shot.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    I am shocked how good Knicks is playing, destroying the Cavs and taking a 3-1 lead.
  12. Lastblade

    NBA Season 22/23

    To be fair, Doc has to nanny all these babies with the Sixers, it is not easy being a full time au pair.
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    Weekly Roundup

    RE4 remake, great game but some parts are tough, but not souls tough.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Hmmm..... Who should field the all time glass team (that would have been amazing if healthy)? Greg Oden, Sam Bowie, Zion Williamson
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    NBA Season 22/23

    It would be nuts if Durant got swept back-to-back. I doubt it tho, since Clips are without PG.
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    Weekly Roundup

    Finished Diablo 3 story, it is so meh. I might have picked the n00b class (necromancer) by mistake because there is zero challenge. I don't think I will play the season challenge, since I am so underwhelmed and I don't want to reroll.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Gobert has to be the worst trade in the history of NBA
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    V-pins ... Your thoughts?

    V Pinball isn't pinball, same as videogame football/basketball isn't real football or basketball. You can still have fun and some vpinball can come somewhat close to mimicking the experience.
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    Bear Stearns=Buying Opportunity

    Irony, is not without a sense of humor.
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    Time to Spring Forward!

    This is the time when my car's clock auto-correct itself since I never changed it.