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    SNK Heroines

    So I guess this is a thing that is happening.
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    I guess I'm an asshat.

    Sorry, I thought it was harmless but apparently it was super offensive to everyone's feelings.
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    I swear I've seen this before in a KoF game

    Is this pixel animation like a straight rip of a character animation from a KoF game or am I crazy? I feel like they just took the sprite and swapped the head and added tits. I thought it was K's or Rock Howard, but I can't seem to find any comparable sprites. I swear I've seen this...
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    all gone
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    Neo Geo Mini MVS?

    Is this a real thing or is this guy just being an asshole trying to overcharge for a Neo cab? "One of the rarest of the arcades"
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    FS: My Massive Dragon Quest Collection - Toys, Figures, Plushies & rarities!

    Everything is for sale! Please read everything BELOW before posting/PM'ing me about stuff you see in the Nintendo Power pictures. As seen in Nintendo Power (and then some): I will be listing both the lowest prices I can find on things, but if you can point me to a price you want me to beat...
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    FS: Nintendo Plushies & toys - Mr. Saturn, Goombas, Starfy, Coins/Blocks, etc.

    Prices are all based on the cheapest ones I could find, and I made them cheaper. If I couldn't find a price, I just made one up that sounded decent. If you can find one for less, show me and I'll consider meeting/beating it. NSMB Goomba & Star Coin - $15 each NSMB Mega Mushroom - $20...
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    FS: KoF2000 - Kula Diamond 1/8 scale cold-cast statue

    Picked this up years ago when I lived in Japan. It was displayed on my shelf for a couple of years, then I moved like a hundred times and it has been packed away ever since. She's in perfect condition - the close up pictures are just to show detail. Asking $110 shipped in the US. Will ship...
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    Sega Saturn 3D controller (CIB)

    Sega Saturn 3D controller (CIB) - $35
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    FS: Virtual Boy with Wario Land, Mario Clash, Galactic Pinball, and more

    Virtual Boy: Console (includes the slightly glitchy system (easy fix), controller, battery pak, cracked/repaired stand, no visor) - $65 shipped Virtual Boy AC Adapter - $30 shipped or take it for $20 with a VB Galactic Pinball (complete) - $25 shipped Wario Land - $17.50 shipped Mario Clash -...
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    HEAVY WEAPON: My 80's Action Movie Graqphic Novel is AVAILABLE NOW!!

    Heavy Weapon is AVAILABLE NOW for the DRM-free Digital edition!! I'm very aware that there are plenty of people out there trying to shill their personal projects, but if you take a few minutes to check out my preview, I think you'll see this is a very professional-level production... Be sure...
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    all gones
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    FS: GameCube & PS2 games

    Anything priced over like $10-15 is in excellent condition. Some of the cheaper stuff may be more like very good condition. Everything is complete. PS2 games: Castlevania: Lament of Innocense - $5 Final Fantasy X - SOLD Radiata Stories (NEW/SEALED) - $25 Resident Evil: Code Veronica X - $5...
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    Preorder my Graphic Novel: HEAVY WEAPON

    Some of you may remember when I posted about this last year... Well, it is now getting ready for actual release sometime before July, and I'm taking direct preorders for the DIGITAL edition. For those who are new to this, a 15-page preview can be seen here: The...
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    Neo Geo X Gold for $109 @ CowBoom (Best Buy) They appear to have quite a few of them....all used, but you know, half price.
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    SOLD: New Super Mario Bros. U

    New Super Mario Bros. U (like new) - SOLD Nintendo Land (new/sealed) - SOLD