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    and by distinguished, I mean old dungeon whores
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    How are you distinguished gentlemen doing today
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    FS: MVS Art & Extras

    PM sent!
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    Best Surge Protectors for 2018?

    I was doing a bit of research and while I still use some old surge protectors I picked up free from a local Staples that was closing down many years ago, I rather be safe and also invest in something with more room on them. I currently use APC on my PCs but wanted to know what you folks were...
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    WTB Used Shockboxes

    Happy Holidays fellas! Looking to get any amount up to 20.
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    HORI RAP4 Kai LAYERS FGC EDITION (Customized) MVS Came across this today. Pretty slick and you can add the option for brook converter to NG.
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    Differences between KOF98 Jap & US?

    A while back I read somewhere that there was a difference between these two MVS carts. If I recall it was additional scenes, music or text, but not sure. Can any of you fine gentlemen shed some knowledge on this?
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    WTB various Neo Geo artwork and move lists

    Mainly looking for: KOF 94 - English Breakers or B.Revenge - Eng/Jap Fatal Fury - Eng World Heroes Perfect - Eng/Jap Waku Waku 7 - Eng/Jap
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    SNES mini classic

    Hahahaha Yo - Even Dora is like WTF??!
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    SNES mini classic

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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    LOL And you guys haven't even seen what's hanging behind the door...
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Been a while.
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    Top Tier Arcade Collection of Neo-Geo + More (Updated Weekly)

    And this is what he looks like with a clean shave.
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    MVS Cart Giveaway - Best disturbing Meme wins

    I have a Blue's Journey MVS (boot, don't flatter yourselves) cart in one of the white rental cases I want to give away. Plays perfectly fine. Just pay the shipping and it's YERZ. Funniest, most disturbing MEME wins.
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    WTB Service in Tampa FL to install New Chassis on a Neo Geo Cab

    Just what it reads fellas, looking for someone with experience to install a new Chassis in my cab. There's an isolation transformer involved and some splicing. Came with some wire connections that I'm not familiar with. Willing to pay for the in home service.
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    Help with Identifying Monitor - Recap for Neo Geo

    Hello gentlemen! I originally had some minor issues with the video signal (solder needs to be refreshed), I'm now experiencing blurriness that occurs gradually within 5 minutes of turning on the cab. I realize its time for a Re-cap and a good place to start. While doing this, I'd like to take...
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    WTB Neo Geo Title Art Sets

    Hi all. Looking to buy the following art sets for: King of Fighters 94 (English) Kabuki Clash (No preference on region)