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  1. Don

    WTB - AES System Neo Stuff Etc - MiceDike's WTB

    Pouring out a 40 for a homie
  2. Don

    BVM-20F1U Questions

    Thanks for the help guys. @skate - I'll give it out for free no problem. @420p - Thanks for the share but I'm looking for the maintenance manual it contains the system diagrams @K-2 - thanks for the info. I watched some of your youtube vids on the monitor too. Ok, so I wasn't able to find...
  3. Don

    BVM-20F1U Questions

    Here's a pic of the front from the manual. There's the tally lamp on top. Then on the bottom there's an overload, stand by and power lamp. I was looking over the operation manual and the stand by should come on or at least flash when the switch on the back is hit but it also looks like you can...
  4. Don

    BVM-20F1U Questions

    A few days ago, I came across a Sony BVM-20F1U that was being thrown away. The first thing I did was plug the the thing in, hit the switch on the back and neither the stand-by lamp or any of the front lamps light up. I checked the fuse and on close inspection the internal light on the power...
  5. Don

    Dong does Japan

    In a few weeks, I'm making a trip to Japan. I'll be staying in Ueno, Tokyo for 5 days. Any recommendations would be appreciated: Arcades, Game/PCB shops, Food, Culture etc.
  6. Don

    Visiting Las Vegas April 13th and 14th

    I'm doing a quick trip to NAB this year. I'm flying in (April 13th) Monday morning and leaving Tuesday night (April 14th). I'm not going to be in Vegas for very long but I wanted to see if any members are attending NAB, had recomendations or wanted to meet up. Last year, I went to the Pinball...
  7. Don

    MVS Carts with shockboxes

    I got some loose change, if ya brahs want to do a group deal. It shouldn't take much to hit hnns ass family style.
  8. Don

    LF: System 246 JV Power Harness and Naomi art (real or repo)

    aoiddr, thanks for the help, I know finding the connectors would have been a pain in the ass. I also appreciate the support Supasaru. Putting the cable together wasn't really that hard.
  9. Don

    FS: MVS 161 in 1(SOLD)

    I've got the big yellow chalk of the neo world up for sale/trade. Works great and perfect if you're looking to play harder to find carts. MVS Multi-game 161 in 1 - $80 shipped (US/PayPal gift or + 4%) - Sold to Electric Grave Trade list: Last Resort SF Champ edition A Taito F2 mobo Astro...
  10. Don

    LF: System 246 JV Power Harness and Naomi art (real or repo)

    Hi all, I'm looking for a 246 JV power Harness (as pictured in the diagram bellow). My 246 board came with the harnesses and a pcb for 15k cabs. I would be interested in a trade or buying the power harness. I'm also looking for some naomi based move strips for my cyber leads. I use my...
  11. Don

    WTB/WTT 1p sega cp

    I'm looking for a 1p panel for my vert astro. I'll buy one and I've also got some extra 2p panels in various conditions and with different layouts. So if you want to swap CPs I'm down ;) and I've also got the moneyz.
  12. Don

    SOLD: 7x shock boxes with minor imperfections - $25

    You da man wyo...positive feedback coming in soon.
  13. Don

    Happy Birthday Whisper!!

    Whisper Willlllllly ;) Happy B-Day bud.
  14. Don

    Thanks! :D

    Just got my Package today. Another great transaction with da POON.
  15. Don

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

  16. Don

    FS: Neo Geo AES JAP + Kizuna Encounter AES JAP

    In Europe, people do what they want...
  17. Don

    SOLD: RGB Modded NES

    Fuck Christoph, buy from Skips ;)
  18. Don

    Happy b-day DON!

    Thanks for all the Birthday love guys :D
  19. Don

    Happy Birthday Craig!!!

    Happy B-Day Bud :-J