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  1. KaedesDisciple

    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    Took your advice, got this and the sequel for <$10 each. A quick battery change later and what unexpectedly fun games, thanks for the rec.
  2. KaedesDisciple

    Neo Geo Collection at non eBay Auction

    Got absolutely crushed on the NGPC stuff, same assessment, nothing amazing price-wise, and not worth going through the cost and hassle of getting to the US
  3. KaedesDisciple

    All gone, sold prices left up.

    This. All day. Buy Marty's stuff.
  4. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: Famicom Games

    Haven't been around in quite some time, but looking to pick up a few Famicom carts if anyone is looking to part with anything in the following list (already have the SMB games): Castlevania games (including Kid Dracula) Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti The Goonies Ghostbusters 2...
  5. KaedesDisciple

    10 Shock Boxes

    SALE PENDING I just found a box of 10 unused Shock Boxes that I bought YEARS ago from Big Bear. These are all in fantastic shape with no major problems, the only issue with one is the plastic was not cut properly in the manufacturing process, but that's an easy fix. These are all boxed up and...
  6. KaedesDisciple

    F/S - My entire MVS collection including CMVS MV-2F and controllers

    After posting in the what's it worth thread and then doing a bit of soul searching (realizing I never use this thing anymore) I've decided it's time to part with my MVS collection. It's served me well, I just hope it can bring others joy. This is really a player's first collection, there is...
  7. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: Working boxed Genesis - small lot maybe?

    Hey there folks, Looking to get a gift for someone that had a Genesis growing up and looking to get back into it. What I am looking for specifically is: - A clean boxed complete working Genesis (box has to match model of console), either model 1 or model 2 - At least 2 controllers, all Sega...
  8. KaedesDisciple

    A varied FS thread - GBC/N64/GCN/NGCD/NGPC

    Time to whittle down a fair bit of my miscellaneous collection here and make some room while getting a little back. All prices are negotiable, the more you buy the more we can work out. Paypal payments only please. I will do all shipping through USPS Priority (from 11209 or 10010, should be the...
  9. KaedesDisciple

    My Auction-Style Selling Thread #1: Neo Geo CD

    This is a series of auctions I will be holding in order to thin out my collection a bit. Each auction will be themed by system. If there are multiple items, each item will have its own bid. If you win all items in a particular auction, you will receive 10% off the total before shipping. The...
  10. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: 360 Marvel Ult. Gold

    Just looking to see if anyone has a 360 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold edition that they're looking to part with. LMK.
  11. KaedesDisciple

    Traveling to Zurich next week...

    I'll be in Zurich next week (Mon-Fri) on business. Any residents or travelers care to share some things I might need to know? Thanks much.
  12. KaedesDisciple

    PRICE DROP XBOX games + Family Guy & CSI

    I have, both complete and in excellent, scratch-free condition: Original XBOX - Burnout Revenge - $5 Original XBOX - Marvel Ultimate Alliance - $15 XBOX 360 - Gears of War - $SOLD New/sealed condition Family Guy vol. 4 DVD set - $15 HOLD PENDING SALE New/sealed condition CSI Season 2 DVD set...
  13. KaedesDisciple

    WTT: Regular Gears of War + $$ for LE Gears

    Like the title says, I am looking to trade my regular used but excellent condition complete Gears for a complete LE Gears. Doesn't have to be new, just complete and in excellent condition. Just let me know how much extra cash you want and we'll make a deal. Edit: title was backwards
  14. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: Gamecube Controllers

    Anyone have any Gamecube controllers? New, used, doesn't matter so long as they work well.
  15. KaedesDisciple

    Let's get in the spirit of the holidays. Post some Christmas-y in-game screens!

    We all know some developers went out of their way to get their games/systems to wish you happy holidays in some way. Let's see if we can't put together as many screens as we can. I'll get the ball rolling with the ColecoVision: Happy Holidays!
  16. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: ColecoVision Stuffs

    Looking for pretty much anything ColecoVision to improve my collection. If it's in good looking condition and works, I'll probably be interested. Obviously, the rarer the better. The only thing I ask is that I don't get 10,000 PMs about Donkey Kong. Thanks much!
  17. KaedesDisciple

    Anyone know what's going on over at Digitpress?

    I've tried going over to Digitpress for a few days now and it just keeps failing to load. Anyone know if they were undergoing maintenace or something? Seems a bit odd...
  18. KaedesDisciple

    WTB: PS2 Memory Card

    I need do this one on the cheap. Anyone have one new cheap PS2 memory card that they're not using?
  19. KaedesDisciple

    Killzone: Liberation - Yea or nay?

    I'm one of the few that really enjoyed Killzone, but I'm on the fence about this one because of the change in play style. Anyone have any constructive comments about it?
  20. KaedesDisciple

    What's in your PSP at the moment?

    I've still got Tekken in that little bugger. Got my Lili up to a Divine Fist, my Baek up to a Lone Wolf, my Steve up to a Destroyer and some other random characters to various Dans. Whenever the fiancee steals it, it's either Lumines or IQ.