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  1. Rocko

    MVS US kits - MS4 MAGICAL DROP 3

    Metal Slug 4 US kit €80 SOLD From the NOS. Plastic bag unopened. Magical Drop 3 US kit €100 SOLD Small damage on the box. No sticker. Non matching. Ships from Sweden. 18€ - 1kg (1 game). €26 - 2kg (2 games).
  2. Rocko


    SVC Chaos US kit sold to Lukejaywalker23 -$380 shipped -Sale closed-
  3. Rocko


    Buy three or more items and I will cover half of the shipping costs. Tracked shipping to NA or EU. Metal Slug 1 US kit €150 ($170) Very nice shape. Complete. Matching. Metal Slug 2 US kit €90 ($100) OK shape. Missing strip and mini marquee. Matching...
  4. Rocko

    Framemeister xrgb mini

    Framemeister complete with everything. Good as new. €230 ($263) Images Ships from Sweden. Shipping EU €26 Shipping US €21
  5. Rocko

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Anyone know what going on with the red bracket on the MOTW MVS kit I have?
  6. Rocko

    MOTW Blazing Star Matrimelee Magical Drop 3

    MVS Garou: MOTW US cart with shock box. €160 $180 - Sold to Hawwa. MVS Blazing Star US cart €120 $135 - Sold to darmrt MVS Matrimelee JAP box and art only, kind of worn €30 - Sold to abathur. MVS Magical Drop 3 US kit non matching, missing sticker, small damage on the box. €150 $170...
  7. Rocko

    WTT/WTB Have: MD3 MOTW BLAZING STAR Want: Matrimelee-JP MS5 SVC

    Looking to trade primarily but I also have $$$ if needed. Not looking to sell anything of what I have. I have: MVS Magical Drop 3 kit MVS Garou: Mark of the Wolves cart + shock box MVS Blazing Star cart I want: MVS Matrimelee JP cart MVS Metal Slug 5 kit MVS SvC kit
  8. Rocko

    Parents getting old...

    Ever get to that point when you feel your parents are getting old? I just did, and it makes me feel...less young too. Until now, I always felt my parents were really vigorous. A couple of days ago I noticed my dad (pushing 60+) walking know that look...croaked back and stiff legs...
  9. Rocko

    Does anyone here smoke?

    This is sort of an addendum to NeoGeoNinja's original thread found here. My neighbours smoking on their balconys drives me nuts. Smokers, please explain to me why you smoke, now that we know everything about it.
  10. Rocko

    No Spend Month

    "No Spend Month" is short for "No Spending Except for Basic Essentials This Month." Basic essentials: Rent, mortgage, bills (electricity, water, etc), food (but your stockpiles first), medicine. Back when I was a student, pretty much every month was like this. So now when I've gotten adjusted...
  11. Rocko

    What cars/trucks/vehicles do you own?

    This is my ride. 21 gears, does around 25 mph downhill. All paid off.
  12. Rocko

    Where to invade next?

    Michael Moore. Love him or hate him. He sure does have some points here. He's cherry picking in this documentary of course, but what do you guys think of this movie, if you have seen it. It's pretty funny nevertheless. As someone who lives in Europe, the things we take for granted, like six...
  13. Rocko

    WTB Controller for a CMVS

    I'm looking for a stick controller for a CMVS. There is a kidney controller and a pro gear controller afaik. Is one better than the other? I don't know which one to go for really. I would like for it to be in decent shape and not too banged up. If you have an extension cord I think I'm going...
  14. Rocko

    Wanted: Gamecube NTSC games

    I'm looking for these games for the Nintendo Gamecube NTSC. The games must be complete and in good shape. You must also be willing to ship to Sweden. Resident Evil 0 $5 Resident Evil: Code Veronica X $15 Killer 7 $10 Eternal Darkness $20 Pikmin $10 Pikmin 2 $20 Viewtiful Joe $5 Metroid Prime...
  15. Rocko

    The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

    This may be a repost since it's not a brand new blogpost. However if it is, I'm sure some people have missed it and imo it's a must see. :D
  16. Rocko

    WTB: Original Sega Saturn Joypad

    I got a good deal on a Saturn, but it has no joypad. If it goes through, are there anyone here who got a couple laying around collecting dust and can spare one for me? :vik:
  17. Rocko

    Random stuff give away

    I have a couple of things I can't be bothered to put up for sale. So I'm giving them away to anyone that feel they need them. Please claim only if you intend to use it yourself. One item per person, unless something remains unclaimed. You have to pay the shipping yourself, transfer to my...
  18. Rocko

    21st-Century Shooters Are No Country for Old Men

    Repost maybe... Can you relate? :D