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    Sampled Magician Lord in a song I made

    So I did way too many drugs over the course of way too little time and made myself go crazy for a while. Took a vacation for mental health reasons to my home state of Alabama. Made an album over the course of this few weeks because I figured, "lol why not." And this happened...
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Really, really need to spend some more time with this one myself. Played a little what seems like a year or so back and really enjoyed the mechanic where you... spin enemies around like a hammer throw in the Olympics? It was something like that. Anyway, for me personally, I've been playing a...
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    New Neo Geo Owner

    CAUTION: Items in television may be closer than they appear.
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    DXM appreciation thread

    Michael Phelps. Also, probably some NFL player? IDK SPORTS LOL Okay, yeah, they probably don't robotrip with any frequency. At least not... in season? Whatever. A bottle a day keeps the shaman at bay.
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    DXM appreciation thread

    Also, needs to be the right kind; if the syrup has anything besides dextromethorphan, you will almost certainly die. Unless it's guaifinesin, in which case you'll just be so sick you wish you'd died instead.
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    M Rated Video Game Tax: ....Seriously

    Fuck me running, I thought $10 to $12 a pack was bad here in Alaska; then again, I grew up in Alabama, where you can get Pall Malls for about $3.50.
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    DXM appreciation thread

    Anybody else here actually like this weird fucking drug? Most people left it behind after high school if they ever even tried using it then, but I've neer managed to fully remove it from my life. It's got a reputation as being a loser drug for people who aren't cool enough to have a hookup for...
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    Terraonion New Product(s) discussion thread

    It's from Thailand, not Korea, but maybe we can expect a Super A'Can flashcart. Obviously not this, of course. But actually would be pretty cool; the difficulty in tracking down games is what's always kept me from getting one of these systems.
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    SOTM November: Galaga '88

    TG16 - 4-29 (1cc) - 1,310,130 Could be improved, but I'm lazy. Somebody beat my score and motivate me into trying some more. :lolz: Strategy for most possible points would be single ship, ideally, as there's a bonus after the final boss for each extra life you have (I think 10,000 points per...
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    SOTM November: Galaga '88

    628,540 - Level 4-25
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    SOTM November: Galaga '88

    Probably my favorite TG16 game of all time.