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    Time to get classy

    1. Get out your favorite beverage. 2. Open 3 tabs on your favorite browser. 3. On the first tab 4. On another tab 5. On the last
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    Cool electronica site Pretty good way to waste a couple hours, you have been warned. ;)
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    The Zangief Chronicles

    Pretty funny stuff : :D
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    Anyone here play ogame? It's a really addictive little space sim that can take anywhere from 5 minutes a day to play, to taking over your life ( I'm not quite there yet :D ) . You build mines, and other buildings, then ships... Colonize other planets, and eventually build up to be able to make death...
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    If you want to pull a cell phone scam

    Don't do it on a Mustang Forum. :D Guy sold a cell phone but never shipped. Turns out forum is full of LEO's, and such. ;)
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    Girl scouts need tasers

    Not really, but the news article below suggests it might not be a bad idea : Bolded the disturbing part.... >_<
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    Mum&Dad, JE for pres... a combined thread of "who cares?"

    Britain bans the use of the term " mum and dad" I really think this is being too PC : :rolleyes:
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    Some people should not have kids This guy played peekaboo with a stun gun. >_<
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    Optical 360's are on sale at Happ

    $28 for 4 or more, just a heads up. ;)
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    Happy Birthday to DARK ANDY!

    Happy Birthday! ;)
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    Do NOT watch this eBay auction :D This is on a couple forums already, make your contribution too! :D
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    Happy Birthday to DARK ANDY!

    Happy Birthday! ;)
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    How come it's a ban hammer?

    Most places have ban sticks, how come it's a hammer here? :confused:
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    Cool online team racing simulation!

    This is pretty cool : Bat Racer I'm in a private F1 race right now, but we could start a private game, there's alos different types of racing ( GP, F1, touring cars, etc. )
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    Wierd monitor question

    I have a WG 25K7193 that displays the picture slightly rotated clockwise ( very slightly ). Is there a way to fix this easily? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Legality of the 400 in 1 games?

    You know, the ones with all the Capcom and SNK games on it, among other games? I see a few arcades around here running those boards... >_< They're not legal, are they? :(
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    People don't care...

    OK, so on my way home today, the sky got really dark. Only a couple of drops of rain fell, then it stopped. I continued on, until I got to a signal light that was not working... After waiting for way more than my turn ( non-functional signal lights are supposed to be taken as all way stop signs...
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    50% off what?

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    Thinking about a new car?

    I'm thinking about buying a new car, but I don't want to overlook anything... I'm looking for sub 25K, 4 door domestic sedan. Right now the SRT-4 looks tempting, but what else should I be looking at?
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    Best price for a cab?

    I went to an auction and got a Capcom cab for $125... The screen is too blue though... but for the price it's not bad, I think ( the game is SFA3 on CPS2 )