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  1. ForeverSublime

    Name that shmup

    The name of a shmup has escaped me for too long, so time to ask smart people. Thought it may have been Gekirindan or Batsugun, but doesn't appear to be the case. It's vertical/arcade. I believe I'm remembering the last level, which starts out in something like a jousting arena, or something...
  2. ForeverSublime

    FS: MVS and AES games, NeoSaveMasta

    USA members only. I may prefer to sell to members who have been around longer, even if you respond sooner. Payment by PayPal gift, Prices include shipping [Priority Mail, tracked, within the USA] MVS: Pic Metal Slug $100 Metal Slug 3 $100 Last Blade (Japanese Label) $100 Last Blade (English...
  3. ForeverSublime

    Any runners out there?

    My friend is an avid runner, and he's organizing a 50k in Bend, Oregon next month. I'm going to volunteer at aid stations for the runners - looks like beautiful country. I gave long distance a go, but it wasn't my forte. I enjoyed listening to books during the runs. . . but, I'm pretty good...
  4. ForeverSublime

    FS: Japanese Home Carts

    USA only. Paypal Gift. 1 cart per person (forgive me). Carts will be packed outside of cases to prevent further damage to inner trays. Includes shipping if you pay at (just paypal me the remainder). Hope prices aren't shit, even without discounts. Save $5 If you have an...
  5. ForeverSublime

    New Project: Save money on shipping (good for forum market) Think "Priceline for Postage". This should help you save money on shipping labels with an easy to use interface. So, next time you have a package give it a whirl and offer your feedback. If you are a member of any other forums (especially ones with a marketplace), please...
  6. ForeverSublime

    Excellent article on Privacy issues - how your friends give you up to the man

    We've known credit card users can be identified with as little as two pieces of a transactional information, but it turns out identifying anonymous friends works in a similar way. These friends of so-and-so clearly didn't give permission to be identified, but these sorts of issues haven't been...
  7. ForeverSublime

    Tierzoo - Animals explained through game meta (edu-tainment) Begin anywhere. Love some of the lingo, and it's understandable in context. "World's most difficult server" = Africa If you have kids, I think they may dig it. Reminds me of the Wildlife Treasury box...
  8. ForeverSublime

    I made a thing: Red Rover TradeMart: Fun little app update in a few days

    Hey guys, Been working on an app, and want you guys to be the first to try it out. You've done plenty of marketplace stuff before, so you probably get it in less than a 3 minute video, but humor me. I'll be testing a few low-budget vids. Red Rover TradeMart is...
  9. ForeverSublime

    Any electricians in the house?

    I've got this bank of lights above the bathroom mirror. On the far right are two burnt bulbs. If I replace them, they burn out within 3 days. Never had to replace the others. It's a fun puzzle. I seem to remember something about step-down resistors when lights are in a circuit. I've got a...
  10. ForeverSublime

    How to send paypal gift? - aka fuck paypal again.

    I tried to google search but it appears their policy has changed over the years and couldn't find a current answer. When I put in a person's email, it shows who I'm sending money to "You send = X" "Recipient gets = X" "Send Money Now" I'm afraid to click the "send money now" button. It...
  11. ForeverSublime

    Site documenting the best / different (hack) versions of a game

    Is there a site where you could enter the name of a game and it'll return the different hacks of a game, outlining the differences, and highlighting the best version of a game? (something like a wikipedia page for each game title - devoted to hacks) I've come across this want a few times...
  12. ForeverSublime

    What do each of the Metal Slugs do best?

    Instead of "Which one is the best?", let's ask which ones excel in certain areas. Pace of play, bosses, music, controls, level design - you name it and give a few examples, and send me your girlfriend's nudes. Thanks in advance.
  13. ForeverSublime

    Anyone have experience with RVs, vans, traveling long distances with large vehicles?

    Thinking about getting an RV (<30 feet) for myself as well as letting friends take it around in the summer. I've driven across the country a few times in my small Honda Insight, which there are certainly conveniences when it comes to gas mileage, reliability, city driving, parking, etc - but...
  14. ForeverSublime

    You're playing it wrong - but you enjoyed it anyway

    Any games you completely missed substantial gameplay elements of for years on end? And enjoyed it anyway? I liked the Technos beat-em-up Shadow Force. I like beatemups with a block, and I liked that the default difficulty level was manageable to get far without feeling like you were being...
  15. ForeverSublime

    Chempop's elitist stance - Thread title pending

    Wanted to have more conversation about this in a separate thread. Let's stoke it with this: Why should scoring dictate the experience? Why doesn't the experience dictate the type of experience you have? If you want to play for chains, if you want to play for speed run, if you want to play for...
  16. ForeverSublime

    Forum for bots What if, instead of nuking bots, they went to their own subforum and talked to each other? It'd be like like allowing a telemarketer to begin their pitch and placing the phone down for 20 minutes.
  17. ForeverSublime

    "Go Set A Watchman" - Harper Lee releases book 54 years after "To Kill A Mockingbird"

    "Go Set A Watchman" - Harper Lee releases book 54 years after "To Kill A Mockingbird"
  18. ForeverSublime

    For those with kids, which games do they like?

    Have you ever sat your kids down to look at screenshots/videos of the Neo library, and asked which ones interest them? Which games look cool from your kids' perspective, and what draws their attention?
  19. ForeverSublime

    Best Game Music of 2014

    So, what are you listening to at the moment? Appreciate the tuneage, and perhaps uncover a new-to-you game as well. Share your favorites that...
  20. ForeverSublime

    Which Neo games are born to die? [Suicide Neo Geo Games]

    This thread is interesting: I never knew Neo games were prone to dying (so soon?). It's not a malicious as the CPS suicides. Terminology aside, you get the same result. Is this an MVS-only problem or...