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  1. DracoBlade

    WTB MVS: SNK vs Capcom, King of the Monsters, Puzzle Bobble, more

    Hey all! Looking to play some new games! English or Japanese labels, either works for me. Cart condition doesn’t matter as much as long as they are authentic and fully playable! If you happen to have any carts you’d like to part with, please reach out! Will pay via PayPal immediately...
  2. DracoBlade

    The Last Blade Webcomic (Tapas)

    Hey all! Not sure if it's been covered here (please strike me down if old/there's an existing thread) but thought I'd share a project I had the pleasure of working with some incredible artists and SNK to realize: adapting The Last Blade into an official webcomic! I won't bore anyone with too...
  3. DracoBlade

    FOUND THANKS (Metal Slug 5)

    Anyone have a copy they’d like to part with? With or without label, Japanese or English, as long as it’s authentic I’m interested! Last Metal Slug I need :) will PayPal ASAP!
  4. DracoBlade

    Real talk: How do you cope with suicide?

    My best friend took his life a few weeks ago. Twenty three y/o, shotgun. The funeral was a great celebration of life and I gave a eulogy that made people laugh instead of cry and I thought that was that in terms of the vicious emotions that have been clawing at me but I broke down tonight...
  5. DracoBlade

    WTB: Prehistoric Isle 2 MVS (FOUND, THANKS)

    Hey guys! Been awhile but finally looking to expand my MVS library and play some new, non fighting game, genre fare. Anyone ready to part with their copy? Don't care about condition really nor label/ language so long as it's authentic/original PCBs :) Please send pics of boards if possible...
  6. DracoBlade

    WTB: Blazing Star MVS

    Anyone have a loose cart (or shock boxed for more $$) they'd be willing to pass on for a reasonable, non fleabay, fee? Dun care about region/condition so much (I just wanna play it on my cab!). PM me asking price (and pics if possible) and we can talk! Obviously, no fakes, please.
  7. DracoBlade

    Original Xbox King of Fighters NeoWave Now Backwards Compatible on XB1 Boots right from the og Xbox disc. Honestly pretty neat! NeoWave was fun if nothing special, it had some sleek UI I guess. Also ponytail Geese is :drool:. Cool to see SNK supporting the initiative...
  8. DracoBlade

    WTB: RGB Modded PC Engine DUO R (or RX)

    Looking to buy an RGB modded PC Engine Duo R if someone's willing to sell at a fair price! Send pm and pics and we'll talk ;)
  9. DracoBlade

    Supergun MAK Strike refuses to "remember" region switch?

    It's a minor error but it seems like whenever I play Metal Slug, regardless of entering menus, soft-booting/resetting, then region switching to Japanese for red blood, my Supergun MAK Strike returns to a Europe region setting. Any ideas how to fix this? I'd prefer red blood rather than semen...
  10. DracoBlade

    Metal Slug Neo Geo CD

    Hey all, with the recent acquisition of my CMVS I have been shifting around my collection for some much needed streamlining and realized it might be time to part with my copy of Metal Slug for the NGCD. Rather than plop this on ebay, everyone here has been quite welcoming in the past so I'm...
  11. DracoBlade

    [QUEST COMPLETE!] The Last Blade 2 ARRANGED Soundtrack (PLEASE BASED NG)

    Hey guys, help a brother out. I've been lusting for the greater part of four years trying to find a copy of The Last Blade 2 Arranged soundtrack and I'm still soul searching :( I own the NGCD ports and MVS ports of both games as well as the NGPC game, and the Arranged trax of the first game...
  12. DracoBlade

    Halloween Traditions (Games, Movies, Crimes?)

    My favorite season has arrived and I gotta ask: Anyone else have some fun Halloween rituals they like to celebrate every year? I try to play through a Castlevania game every weekend of October leading up to the 31st (thinking Bloodlines, Rondo, SCIV, maybe Kid Dracula this year). Also try to...
  13. DracoBlade

    Doesn't deserve a thread but: Will this TV work with Light Gun games?

    Hey guys, recently picked up a Sony Trinitron KV27XBR36 27" (Pictured). Been dying to play Time Crisis outside my local arcade (as well as some House of the Dead) but wanted to make sure first: does this model support light guns? I ask because, in some quick google searches, there seem to be...
  14. DracoBlade

    NOOB Alert: Supergun MAK Strike + PSU Questions (How the fuck do I connect this guys)

    SO my Supergun MAK strike just arrived after a month of patience and I'm dying to play my MV1FS mobo butttt I think I missed something while researching. AKA How do I connect my Supergun Molex cables to the PSU(do I just unscrew bolts of PSU then connect to the ends of the molex cables under the...
  15. DracoBlade

    WTB MVS&CD games: Metal Slugs, Random Trades

    Hey guys Just ordered an MVS-FS motherboard and a make supergun from Arcade forge and am looking to pickup my first few MVS games! Nostromo was kind enough to part with Garou and Real Bout 2 just the other day but I want to diversify the dive into Mvs! Im also looking for some CD games and if...
  16. DracoBlade

    Hi (Punky kid DracoBlade introduces Himself)

    You may have seen me posting on the boards for the past few weeks (things like I met Yasayuki Oda, (WHICH I DID, BELIEVE ME DAMN IT)) and I've already gotten to know a few of you nice fellas via PMs and other threads but as an overdue formal hello: Hi, I'm DracoBlade, and i'm an alcho- I'm a...
  17. DracoBlade

    DracoBlade's Modest Games Hoard (Pray for my shelf the thread)

    Hey guys! Been here and there for awhile now as a lurker but as my first thread on the site what better way too introduce myself than show off my imploding shelf and the meager games gradually destroying it! (Its an old shelf well beyond its lifetime with a newer but smaller spaced shelf behind...