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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just picked up a Net City with 6 games (Guilty Gear X, Project Justice, Fire Pro Wrestling, CvS 1 and 2, and Virtual Tennis). Was originally in talks with someone to import a Blast City, but found someone local selling a Net City with a Naomi setup already installed. Really excited to fix up...
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    Feedback for Kid Panda

    Was looking for a label for the Neo SD, as I didn't like the one sold by Stone Age Gamer. Panda was cool enough to send me his extra label. Cool ass dude, 10/10 would trust with my address again.
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    New to the forums

    I recently joined the forums to discuss some technical aspects of the MVS. My collection is only the MVS currently, not sure if I'll get into the AES or CD though.. I've done a couple modding projects for the MVS. Here is my MV1FZ connected to a Supergun MAK on my JVC Monitor (Power supply is...