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    Raiden V

    So it's out, and I haven't had a lot of time with it yet, but initially it seems like it's not co-op............ The initialy playthrough gave me the impression that it's a solid shmup, I like the zoomed-out sections, and it really feels like they were trying to do something different this time...
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    Nam MVS cart with sound issues

    So I've got an MVS Nam and it has some sound issues. It seems to be mostly the sound effects that are affected, it sounds really crackly and overwhelms the music and pretty much ruins the audio throughout the game. Though when I go into the UniBios jukebox it seems there's maybe 3 music...
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    Looks like Ketsui may be headed to the PS3! In the latest Famitsu, complete with pricing. Obviously this means a region-free release, while the 360 version was region-locked, great news if you ask me. This was the leading reason I was planning to buy a Japanese 360, now I'm not so...
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    WTB: Pulstar & Last Resort MVS

    Trying to fill out my shooter collection here, so if anyone has any authentic MVS carts for these they could part with, please send me offers. I don't really care if it's loose or with a shockbox, and would of course pay a little extra if it's got a shockbox that's in good condition.
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    New MVS collector, MVS repro labels?

    Hey guys, just joined recently. I finally took the plunge this year, picked up a consolized MVS, and now I've got almost 20 games for it. Neo-Geo is something I always really wanted since playing multiple games in the arcades in the early 90's and later at friends houses. I bought a Pocket...