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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    I humbly offer a resolution. It isn't exactly canon. Cognitively speaking, it's a safe space.
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    FS: Dreamcast Games, Keth Courage, and a Jeff Gordon Travel Mug

    Hey all, I have some Dreamcast games that could be yours. Conditions go from really, really good to sealed. Note on Pricing: Prices include USPS Priority shipping in a small flat rate box. Prices can come down considerably if you pick up multiple items or explicitly elect to use USPS Media...
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    FS: Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student - Brand New and Sealed - $130 (No Subscription)

    FS: Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student - Brand New and Sealed - $130 (No Subscription) I have a retail, sealed "copy" of Microsoft Office 2016 - Home and Student edition. This is the non-subscription version, meaning you install it once, and you're done. This version includes permanent...
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    Let's talk about car dealership profit margins.

    I'm just starting to get familiar with car leases (purchased only used cars prior), and had a recent dealership experience that makes me think. In the span of less than 30 seconds - the amount of time it took me to walk away from an unduly smarmy salesman - the first quote on a monthly lease...
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    Offer/Interest/???: Broken 60GB PS3 (YOLD), and Broken X-Box 360 w/HDMI (RROD)

    Hey all, I've got two broken consoles, each with its own story. One is an early 60GB PS3, the fully backwards-compatible model, CECHA01. The other is an X-Box 360 with a manufacture date of Aug. 31, 2007. It has an HDMI port, but I couldn't tell you what mobo revision it is. Some details on...
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    Happy Birthday Kazuki Dash!

    Happy Birthday to a cool member that never forgot my birthday. Seems about time to return the favor. Enjoy it!
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    Playstation Plus Question...

    Hey all. Mods, if this goes in gameplay, then move it along. I read the official FAQ and some others, but couldn't find an answer to the following question, which is better understood by reading through a procedure on a PS4: 1. Download free PS Plus games with first PSN ID. 2. Let first PSN...
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    Comcast set to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion.

    Read it and likely weep. This is all kinds of no good. Comcast has NBC joined at its hip, is a fan of data caps, and offers (as I understand it) substantially worse service than Time Warner. Gonna leave some voicemails with the FCC, FTC and my congressfolk.
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    A question for CDMA phone users. (Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, etc)

    How, if at all, do you move your phone back and forth between services? I'm aware of how this works on the GSM side, which is as easy as swapping out your old provider's SIM to the new provider's. Provided it's unlocked, you keep your phone. For CDMA, I'm guessing that if its possible, it's as...
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    Like Robocop? Following recent Detroit news?

    I had a thought a couple of days ago. It was prodded on by a co-worker today. Two hours later, and here's how it turned out. zobP1VGOz3U I'm especially proud of the uneven audio. Enjoy!
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    FT/S: PS3, DC, PSX, Saturn and X-Box Games (Now with less idle copying and pasting!)

    Once upon a time, CrackerMessiah posted a thread wanting certain games. However, he didn't realize that a bit of his "Wanted" list mirrored his "Available" list until the option to edit his original post disappeared. So here's a newer thread with more up-to-date inventories. Thanks for reading...
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    FT/S: PS3 and Original Xbox games. Prefer trade, but send an offer if you want to buy.

    Hey all, Games I've played and don't wanna no more are being offered for games I wanna play. Most games are in "Pretty Damn Good" to "Damn Fine" condition, with exceptions noted. Smoke, pet, child and pretense-free home. I'd love any of the PS3 games listed, and I've heard good things about...
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    BBC iPlayer on US PS3, operating in US. Any ideas how? And on the cheap?

    The question says it all. The thought of putting it in the Tech forum crossed my mind, but this felt less like building a supergun and more like adjusting settings. I'm wondering, short of a VPN subscription, if ya'll had any idea of how I'd be able to get the BBC's iPlayer working when in the...
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    Hardcore Music fans near and wide, tell me about Radical Records...

    I was at a friend's house last night, and one of them sent me home with a belated birthday present called "Too Legit for the Pit." In a nutshell, it's a compilation of 90s-era rap songs done by a bunch of unknown hardcore bands. That's intriguing enough. But when I looked up the label behind...
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    Southwest voucher expires in one month. Must use and book it before then. Suggestions?

    As a vestige of the company's earlier travel rewards program, I've got a "reward" that's gotta be used. It's valid anywhere they go. Since I'm in Austin and was raised 'round LA, I'd like other suggestions. I'd like to use it for a weekend trip. With that in mind, any suggestions for places to...
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    FS: Xbox Games! Mostly Fighting Games! With MK Shaolin Monks and Otogi 2 SEALED!

    Hey hey! Bills beckon, so games must go. Again, bills. All prices are in US dollars. Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees. I will ship internationally, but buyer must pay for insurance, and provide any instructions for customs. I assume no liability for shipping if it is labeled...
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    Alternatives to (that are effective as) Weight Lifting?

    Judging from a few posters and threads, there's some fitness and weightlifting experience to be shared. With that in mind, I'm wondering about strength training alternatives to weight lifting. That is, perhaps better worded, strength training alternatives that don't carry recurring costs like a...
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    Where to get good Mexican food in San Antonio?

    (First time seeing the "Post New Thread" interface since the upgrade... woah.) Pending a late rise this weekend, I'll be going to San Antonio to cheer on a friend lifting weights. After that, it'll be time for food. So, for the folks in San Antone, what can you suggest by way of Mexican food...
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    Anyone here have experience booking "open" plane tickets? For Asian destinations?

    Anyone here have experience booking "open" plane tickets? For Asian destinations? The subject asks it all. It looks like I might be heading to China for a bit, but I might have the time to check out other destinations within the region after I'm done there. So- any pointers? Who to fly with...
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    FS/T: PS3 Games selfishly sit on my shelf.

    Hey all, I've got some PS3 games that just sit on the shelf. They will forever sit on the shelf, as I don't have the time for them. I'd rather they find themselves under a roof where they'll either A) get played with fair attention or B) be a drop in the cosmic bucket of someone's collection...