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    Huge Video Game Estate Auction in New Jersey 5/31/2018

    Check this out: sorry its last minute, but I just found out myself. Sadly I am not able to go either :(
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    Yahoo article on the 10 most expensive home systems of all time..

    Its's adjusted for inflation, but you'll never guess what they say is #1: I think a dunce wrote this article.
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    What's a good PC Jukebox ?

    My Musicmatch crapped out and I dont want to migrate to yahoo music. I'm looking for a relatively simple mp3 jukebox player for parties, etc. Preferably free, or not too expensive. Would be nice if it had a total playlist time, Musicmatch didn't. So what do you guys use?
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    Generic Mini Marquee (s)

    Hi, I'm looking for the white generic Mini Marquee's. Prefer them to be original in at least very good shape (no rips, holes or yellowing). Will consider copies if they are mint & sturdy, not those cheap flimsy ones. Will pay $25 for good original ones, hoping to find 4.
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    Anyone near Reading, PA attending the 3/07 Challenge Arcade Tourney?

    The Challenge Arcade near Reading PA is hosting a classic arcade game tourney, details can be found here. Seems kind of cool, and one of the games in the tourney is Panic Bomber. The link to the arcade shows tons of cool classic...
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    Some nice home carts, cases & mem cards

    Selling off some more home cart goodies here. Prices include North American EMS shipping and full insurance for the home carts. Mem cards and cases shipped priority mail. Overseas buyers welcome, but will add $20 to shipping carts and $10 to others. Paypal welcome, but please add the 3%...
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    FS: Jpn Home Carts; Quiz Chibi & SS4 Ultiamte 11

    Hello Again, Up for sale are two hard to find Jpn home carts. Neiter game is in perfect collector's shape, so keep that in mind: Quiz Chibi Maruko-Chan: I would grade as Very Good+ based on Neo Store scale. Spine has some sunfading and cart has significant scratches. Snaplock has some minor...
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    US Neo Turfmasters Home Cart

    Hello All, Up for grabs now is a Neo Turfmasters US Home cart. Game is in mint shape and was bought new by me back in the day (only 1 owner !!). Cart has a few tiny marks on it, but other than that everything else is like new. A true 9.5 out of 10 game. I am asking $2,200 for the game and...
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    Taking offers on English Double Dragon home cart !!!

    Taking serious offers on a Double Dragon English Home cart. Game is complete and in collectors condition. I don't know how to post pictures, so shoot me an e-mail and I'll send some pics along. Cart = 9 out of 10 -Couple insertion marks and a little whitening Manual = 10 out of 10 -Looks...
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    Another QVC Blooper Clip...

    Here is a another great short clip from QVC for some crappy ladder. This one is almost as good as the guy who nearly chops his arm off with the broken sword... Enjoy
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    Check my E-bay MVS Auctions

    Hello All, I have a few MVS items up for auction on ebay right now: I will give free US Shipping to all NG.Com members, and discounted international shipping, just ask. I will be...
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    Selling some MVS kits & carts on E-bay

    Right now I have four kits and two carts listed, but will be adding some more stuff over the next few days. I will give all members free US shipping, and $15 flat international shipping. Check it out...
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    King of the Monsters makes the KLOV top 100 games

    Yep, you read it right. King of the monsters is the only Neo Geo game to make the top 100 list in the Killer List Of Videogames (KLOV). Check it out here:
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    Help, My e-mail account is being used by some spammer!!

    For the past few days now, my inbox has been flooded with undeliverable returned e-mail that I did not send. The subjects are the typical spam ads, but I have no idea who these recipients are, they are not in my address book. I went to the Symantec website and did the virus scan, and none were...
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    Can anyone here get me booze from Scotland?

    Hey all, I am looking for some Moniack Castle Mead. This stuff is impossible to get here in USA. It's made in scotland at highland wineries in Inverness, and I've heard it's sold at the Glasgow airport. Well, if anyone can get some and ship it here to USA, I will pay you nicely and/or if you...
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    Philadelphia Area Booze Drinkers

    Any of you attending this? The beer show is awesome, I will be at the 3:30 one!!!
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    Decent Samurai Shodown 2 dedicated cab on Ebay

    Not my auction, but I thought some of you might be interested.
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    5/18/03 Long Island, NY Arcade Auction

    I was just looking through the classified ads, and I saw one for an Arcade aucution in NY. It looks like a going out of business sale, and it was listed in the Trains toys and hobbies section. Not sure if anyone can go on such short notice, but here are the details: Sunday May 18th at 1pm...
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    Slug 3 more popular than Galaga, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac......?

    Check out the site statistics at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> You will see that Metal Slug 3 has the most hits in the sites history, in fact 10,000 more than the second place game, Galaga.
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    Trade Red Shock Boxes for Black ones

    I have 10 new red shock boxes. Two have slight blemishes from shipping, but were never used. I would prefer black ones. Anyone want to trade?