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  1. Spoonman

    In need of some AES sticker scans (low DPI is fine!) for Mini cartridge project

    I haven't been able to find many AES cartridge label/sticker scans. I really only need them to be 150dpi since they will be printed so tiny. I'm looking for mostly the original line-up of games from 1990-'91 and non-fighters. Top Player's Golf, Nam-1975, Magician Lord, Riding Hero, Super Spy...
  2. Spoonman

    Hyper Magazine [Australian gaming mag] (#210) April 2011 - contains article on

    SORRY, SOLD OUT!:( I ended up buying them from a couple sources in Australia because I wasn't sure if they would come through and, well, they all came through. :lolz: So I had to pay up! I have 2 extra issues to sell. The magazine is actually pretty cool. It's oversized like Retro Gamer...
  3. Spoonman

    Hyper Magazine (Issue 210) April 2011 (contains interviews w/ Shawn & I)

    A while back I was interviewed for Hyper Magazine's article on Neo-Geo collecting and I just got a couple issues from the editor. Shawn's interview starts on Page 5. The following is from Hyper Magazine Issue 210 April 2011 Enjoy!
  4. Spoonman

    WTB (or trade) for Neo-Geo AES Manual (USA)

    I'd like to complete a boxed AES set with this. For trades I have a :forw: Metal Slug 3 & KOF 2000 original Japanese AES inserts. Thanks.
  5. Spoonman

    OMFG SS0 Special for 350$!!!!! Czech it out, muthafuckaz.
  6. Spoonman

    Kof 99 Dream match....

    The one that was on DC..... Just wondering: is there any incentive to save your data on a card besides saving your score? And do you get better endings when finishing the game on a harder level? Just some things I've never bothered to figure out.....thnx n advance...
  7. Spoonman

    12 US soldiers lost for the 4 civilians killed by Iraqis....

    Apparently, in an attempt to bring in the ones responsible for that civilian massacre that happened not too long go....12 soldiers lost their lives for nothing.... Thoughts?
  8. Spoonman

    Dynamite Cop:....teh fuck?

    I just found a copy not too long ago so I thought I'd give it a's easily one of the funniest games what the special ops using things like sides of beef to beat up "modern day pirates" n' shit..... the game supposed to be only 17 min long? were there any hidden...
  9. Spoonman

    "Consolesque" Hyper 64? *WARNING* May be retarded...

    Gentlemen... As soon as I somehow arrange for a credit card or score another job to replace the money I would spend...plans on buying the HNG 64 setup will be underway... I have a longterm vision of how I would like to set this bitch up.... So boys...tell me if this vision is possible...
  10. Spoonman

    $$TeH BADASSED ride THREAD$$

    I decided Im gonna embark on the lengthy ordeal of building a hotrod...not from scratch, tho. I was on the market for pre fab kits, rolling frames and other shit...and I plan on bidding on this one fucking car that looks like a cross between a jag E-type and a Ferrarri for like, 3000 USD...It...
  11. Spoonman

    Are N-G members an easy mark?

    I'm obviously new here and this post is in the same vein as kubiriki Basara's when this crackwhore and her morally maladjusted offspring target a sucker demographic to exploit it's always geared to members....In lieu of the death(R.I.P.) of the neo geo, she's already...
  12. Spoonman

    ss64 Combo questions

    Just a really dumb question: in ss64 1 & 2 do they have those CD combos from SS4 or something similar to those Mk3 dial-up combos, or are they just pre-programed combos that come off of some rage explosion.....
  13. Spoonman

    Buriki ONE on PSX?!

    I found this review in what seems to be korean where Buriki is under the heading of PSX reviews....perhaps a japanese PSX version slipped past the radar?
  14. Spoonman

    Yoshitora: a bit much?

    I had the chance to play SS5 the other day and I figured I'd try out some of the newer characters (as the old ones were offering LESS than they did in SS4) I picked Yoshitora, and after handing the CPUs ass to itself, the fifth character(Sogetsu) started putting up a bit of a fight...the...
  15. Spoonman


    (sorry if I sound like a broken record) does anyone have pics/vids of kuroko in ss64? Gaira being the good guy that he is offered to capture some video but he may be too busy to get around to it Thanks in advance. :tickled:
  16. Spoonman

    secret chars are nice.

    wait....if you use someone like say yumeji it freezes no? They were too lazy to give'em victory poses... thats what I liked about ss2: piss around with the dipswitches make the 1st player Kuroko, and trounce the living shit outta the cpu and get a fucked up ending...good times, man, good times.
  17. Spoonman

    hyper 64 prototypes: Ryuukonoken 4

    Apparently, that was the name of a hng 64 prototype that was floating around Japan around '98. No Idea what the hell it's about though...does N E 1 know about this game or any other unreleased prototypes for this system? If any petition should be made to SNK it should be regarding the release...
  18. Spoonman

    A question....maybe EVEN 3 QUESTIONS!!!

    First off this is my first* post on any message board online..EVER...but it was the intrigue of the hyper 64 that coerced me into becoming a member...but enough of that... I frankly don't know my ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to this arcade@home scene and I was wanting to know...
  19. Spoonman

    A question....or 3

    First off this is my first post on any message board online..EVER...but it was the intrigue of the hyper 64 that coerced me into becoming a member...but enough of that... I frankly don't know my ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to this arcade@home scene and I was wanting to know...