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  1. _rm_

    Happy Birthday, Atro

    I guess you are "somebody" when you get a HBD thread around here :D 20 years member? Damn! Happy birthday pal
  2. _rm_

    Dodonpachi DaiOuJou (M2 Shot Triggers)

    What i meant was that if you have considerably more lag then the original PCB, it's not a cool thing. Even worse if the port is based on a previous port (from a few generation ago) and now they introduce even MORE lag. Take a look at these numbers...
  3. _rm_

    Dodonpachi DaiOuJou (M2 Shot Triggers)

    I agree. I don't know why, but all the recent ports on the switch (at least in docking mode) have at least 1 or more frames of lag when compared to the PS4 version. You have multiple videos on youtube about this problem. Just sad.
  4. _rm_

    Dodonpachi DaiOuJou (M2 Shot Triggers)

    Yes because everyone wants to play shmups with 6+ frames of lag :ROFLMAO: I'm also a Switch owner, but please don't do that...
  5. _rm_

    SotM 2023 Hosting Signup

    I can take April
  6. _rm_

    December SOTM voting thread

    Have i dreamt, or there was already a Poll for december? EDIT - Never mind, already saw this
  7. _rm_

    SOTM2 October 2022 - Fever SOS /Dangun Feveron

    Ok, i need help with this: Inside my i have a bunch of "CV01" files and "eeprom-feversos" file. Also have a "dfeveron" folder. What i did was replace both "CV01" files on the root of the (U33 and U34) but seems like nothing changed. Should i also replace the...
  8. _rm_

    SOTM2 October 2022 - Fever SOS /Dangun Feveron

    I got to stage 4 and still no scoreboard entry. No ideia about my score.
  9. _rm_

    SOTM2 October 2022 - Fever SOS /Dangun Feveron

    That really sucks because my PCB has a sound problem and ATM the only way i have to play this is via Mister FPGA, and i don't think you can play the patched rom. Such a shame...
  10. _rm_

    SOTM2 October 2022 - Fever SOS /Dangun Feveron

    I just pleayed the game once during weekend and i noticed the "score problem" and have no idea about my points. Can you see your score during the continue message? Can you take a photo of the score during that time?
  11. _rm_

    April SOTM Vote

    Raiden Fighters Jet is my pick
  12. _rm_

    SOTM March 2021: Gekirindan

    _rm_ 1.181,460 - ALL - F3 PCB
  13. _rm_

    SOTM March 2021: Gekirindan

    I CANT EDIT THE OP, SO THIS WILL BE THE SCOREBOARD FOR NOW!!! Player - Score - Stage - Hardware #1 _rm_ - 1.181,460 - ALL - F3 PCB #2 GMEGBLN - 884,980 - 4 - F3 PCB #3 daskrabs - 816,560 - 4 - F3 PCB #4 Neodogg -...
  14. _rm_

    SOTM March 2021: Gekirindan

    Hi guys. First time posting on the new forums and still a bit lost... Seems like the scoreboard was deleted and we're missing a few score submissions, including mine. I will right away try to update the scoreboard with the scores available on this thread but ask everybody to post again his...
  15. _rm_

    SOTM March 2021: Gekirindan

    Name - Score - Stage - PCB/MAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. _rm_

    March SOTM Vote

    19XX: - Arcade (CPS2) - MAME - Capcom Arcade stadium (switch) This one recently released for the Switch, so i thought a few of you guys could be interested in trying it out. Samurai Aces aka Sengoku Ace: - Arcade - MAME - PS2 -Switch...
  17. _rm_

    SOTM September 2020: Raiga Strato Fighter

    Name - Score - Stage - PCB/MAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Atro - 853.130 - 2-3 - PCB - Autofire _rm_ - 262.180 - 1-4 - PCB - Autofire ShootTheCore - 212,140 - 1-4 - Mame- Autofire daskrabs - 154,280 - 1-3 - MAME...
  18. _rm_

    SOTM September 2020 Voting Thread

    Here are my pics for next month, hope you like it!
  19. _rm_

    FS: MVS lot

    I would like to sell these games as a lot. Metal Slug Windjammers Neo Drift Out Metal Slug X Blazing Star Price is 400€ plus shipping. All original, of course, but i can take inside pictures if necessary. Thanks for looking.
  20. _rm_

    Shmup of the Month January: Guwange

    Arcade Guwange Name - score - Character - stage Jeneki - 3,013,723 - Gensuke - 6 PCB Kidpanda - 2,606,856 - Light Rain - 6 PCB _rm_ - 1,658,138 - Gensuke - 4 PCB NERDtendo - 225,574 - Light Rain - 2 Mame Please let me know...