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    MVS - AES conversions

    Yeah,I've dealt with them over the years but lost touch.I know the proprietor is different now and have dealt with him. I may be hitting him up in the future.I had a local guy but he went mia for too long to trust dealing with him again.Shame too because he did good work(stickers I made). Oh...

    MVS - AES conversions

    Wow. Okay.That's cool. Thank you for the info. BB

    MVS - AES conversions

    Neo old-store? They're still doing it? How quick was the turnaround? BB

    MVS - AES conversions

    No problem. Drop me a PM and we'll take it from there.Quick turnaround. BB

    Chat message

    That and c=64 LIFE WAS GOOD!

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Wow.great job! I'vedumped a few cabs off the back of a truck back in the day that looked better. BB

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Are those restorations? I ask because they look to be in very pristine condition. BB

    Credit card cashback % changes when using PayPal

    That's the problem.If you have the discipline you'd probably be better of not using a cc at all or you'll get caught up in the"why should I deprive myself?" Syndrome. It's boring having 50-100k in ccs and not leaving an outstanding balance. Time>money Nobody is promised tomorrow but use your...

    Hmm, stamps went up again.

    Damn.I'm glad I purchaded like eighty of them in like December.. There was no casual mention of this anywhere..FU(K! EDIT I purchased them sixty cents apiece..I don't know why I thought fifty five..oh well,not a really big deal for me after all. BB
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    I'm thinking of getting back into gaming.

    Fish Fry Tonight! BB
  11. BIG BEAR

    I'm thinking of getting back into gaming.

    Man up and purchase the real sh8t.You'll appreciate it more and you can always get your money back or more out of it if you decide to sell it off. Think of it as an investment you can have fun with and then cash out when you decide to bail. BB
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    Fucking Amazon

    This is the same thing all those gambling outlets are doing.The model or plan is to lose millions of dollars by hooking a major portion of the user base with too good to be true deals while driving the competition out of business. Once the dust settles and they are one of a few that remain,the...
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    Apollo pro joystick any Good? any forum users still use one?

    That's it! Arcade pcbs with the exception of anything current or popular at that time were very cheap so to be able to play real arcade games at home on your television was a yuuuuuge deal! I believe Games Group sold these knowing that they were faulty out of the box because I've owned several...
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    Apollo pro joystick any Good? any forum users still use one?

    No .Gamesgroup made a Supergun that was a black box with two dials,a switch and two joy ports on the front panel and it came with a pad that resembled Mega Drive/Genesis which was 6 buttons whereas the later mentioned was still only 3 buttons. The unit cost me approximately 500USD+ from one of...
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    Apollo pro joystick any Good? any forum users still use one?

    Anybody remember their old super gun? It was nice and compact but that was crap too! I had problems with that thing almost immediately out of the box.Ill never forget I was having problems getting Mat Mania to work. This had to be like early to mid nineties ('92-'95)when MAS was the thing.... BB
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    Apollo pro joystick any Good? any forum users still use one?

    The stick and buttons are crap(I've owned a few) and should be swapped out immediately. BB
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    Last bump before I go to GameStop locally. I read they'll be closing some outlets soon so I'd better hurry up and use it. 25 USD for 37.50 gift card which means you get 12.50 usd BB
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    MV1A not playing specific games

    Replace the uni-bios with an oem one and see what you come up with. BB
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    Tax question

    Given what's been going on lately,I'd be more confident that he would have nothing to worry about if the amount was 35 million. BB
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    Getting back into collecting.

    55 G's..Dayuuuuuum! Too bad he can't chop the game up up into itty bitty pieces and sell some if it off from time to time to get back some cash on the investment. BB