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  1. fenikso

    Which System To Buy As a N00b?

    Yeah, I agree, a curated list of good games is the way to go, should she want the flash cart route. She can always add more games later if she wants, or if she hears about something she wants to try out.
  2. fenikso

    Which System To Buy As a N00b?

    What is she looking for? Does she want to mess with emulation and modern games, too? Steamdeck. Does she want to only mess with emulators and teh roms? One of the better Chinese handhelds (I don't really follow these, so I can't give a recommendation)(we have a whole thread for it) Does she...
  3. fenikso

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Oh, what the hell, one more:
  4. fenikso

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Blast from the past
  5. fenikso

    David Crosby kicked it.

  6. fenikso

    Happy Birthday Ralfakick

    Happy birthday!
  7. fenikso

    Cancellation on MD/GEN: A VISUAL COMPENDIUM by Bitmap Books

    Fuck, that's funny. Holy shit. I love how outraged that dude was that they were going to make him pay for shipping. I know that people can spend their money how they want and all, but I'll never understand buying book and not opening it. Fuck that's weird.
  8. fenikso

    Is a random game generator feasible?

    My youngest sibling just showed me a Super Metroid randomizer. They take all the rooms and all the items, jumble them up, and put it back together in a way where the game can still be beaten. Pretty cool. Kinda want an AI generated SM game now.
  9. fenikso

    Happy birthday Sticks

    Happy birthday!
  10. fenikso

    Merry Christmas,!

    Merry Christmas!
  11. fenikso

    Weekly Roundup

    PS4 Castlevania Requiem - Playing through SotN... Shame they decided to use to voice actors/dialog from the PSP version. Plus this game has the worst implementation of rumble of any game I've ever played. I had to go into the PS4's system settings and shut it the fuck off. Also the game crashed...
  12. fenikso

    Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Volume 2

    They probably consoled themselves with MotM, LB:BtD, KoF R2, and other amazing fighters. Yeah, they're not arcade hits, but man, the NGPC had some ridiculously good fighters.
  13. fenikso

    Kirstie Alley passes away.

    RIP. Fuck cancer.
  14. fenikso

    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    I'm also sorry your d-bag job laid you off just before Christmas. Buncha cunts.
  15. fenikso

    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    They do random drug tests at my job, or at least they did before COVID. I'm sure they'll start it up again at some point. I drive a variety of forklifts.
  16. fenikso

    Happy Birthday, DanAdamKOF

    Happy birthday!