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  1. Atro

    SotM February 2023: Dragon Blaze

    It's because I dont have one ;) These shmup series are a pretty damn good excuse to give those games some use.
  2. Atro

    SotM February 2023: Dragon Blaze

    Sorry. Cant participate this month guys. Looks like a fun game tho.
  3. Atro

    Game consoles- multi AV cables?

    RGB or gtfo
  4. Atro

    FS: Metal Slug 5 Jamma Kit

    Something about "level 60 Mage and counting".
  5. Atro

    Apollo pro joystick any Good? any forum users still use one?

    You mean the "Supergun Gun II" with SF2 font?
  6. Atro

    Getting back into collecting.

    Even MVS carts price are going theough the roof let alone AES. To have a new cart coming in, I really need to do a decent trade nowadays. People who didn't lived that era or near it, should just stick to their Wii's and PS2's. There's enough Neo ports on those systems too.
  7. Atro

    I like to play the first World Heroes

    I took this one for a spin. Dont know if I'll ever beat this again ^^
  8. Atro

    Power of Neo geo

    2k3, good game?:spock: I'll have what you're having
  9. Atro

    Happy Birthday, Atro

    Thank you all, my fellow goatfuckers :D just kidding. Thanks for remembering it ;)
  10. Atro

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    And depending on the models, far better soundwise too.
  11. Atro

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    You live inside a hong kong coffin or wut? C'mon Kern. You re better than this ;)
  12. Atro

    FS: Street Hoop Home Cart **SOLD**

    I just informed a buddy about this one. You might need to ship abroad too.
  13. Atro

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    RGB mod or GTFO! :D
  14. Atro

    December 2022 SOTM Game Tengoku (Saturn/Arcade/etc.)

    Egg plant champion :D
  15. Atro

    Neo Geo Guitar MOD.

    Lovely executed.
  16. Atro

    December 2022 SOTM Game Tengoku (Saturn/Arcade/etc.)

    Lololol! :keke: You say that, like I'm leading all the time! It's actually this thread that actually had me put some extra effort ob shmups. ;) I got frustrated once tho. Tried to get good at Gunbird, but then BBH came with all the big guns and killed it :D
  17. Atro

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    By the jumpers, it clearly is suspiciously a conversion.
  18. Atro

    SotM 2023 Hosting Signup

    No problem. I'll give December for you. This is for the brotherhood afterall
  19. Atro

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

    I mean, on shots that went in. Not GK saves. PK aren't just luck. Competence and cold blood are higly required. It was just written it was the time for Argentina to party hard.