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    SALE 10% OFF!! MEGA NGH English AES + Mooks. RARE Titles! Most in GREAT condition.

    On EBAY NOW!!----MEGA NGH English AES + Mooks. RARE Titles! Most in GREAT condition. Games are all on EBAY now. ALL are ENGLISH AES Carts and come COMPLETE with Original Case, Insert, Manual w/ plastic baggie, and cartridge. I ship both Domestically...
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    Video Game Violence 4 guys in Florida kill 6 people over an XBOX. I'm sure they weren't inspired by the fatalities in SSVS.
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    What are you going to do with your SSVS Cart?

    Just curious to see what you guys are going to do with your SSVS carts. My big questions is: Are the current unrevised AES carts complete with all the Zetsumei Ougi moves and general fatalities but just locked away or did Playmore have them removed before shipping? I'm just afraid that all the...
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    Missing sound data on Samurai Shodown III?

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you that has Samurai Shodown III on AES, noticed missing sounds effects. Specifically, when a fatality occurs where the loser is standing and the top half of the body falls to the ground and then the bottom half drops, it doesn't have the 2 thump sounds that...
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    WTB: Samurai Shodown IV US AES

    I'm looking to complete my Samurai Shodown collection with part 4. If you have a mint complete game that is the US not Korean version, please PM or email with your price.
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    NO FATALITIES in Samurai Showdown 5 Special

    Apparently the Unique Fatalities have been removed from the game. There is also no splitting in half or decapitations at the end of the match. I have the AES version on a AES system with a DEBUG bios chip. MVS mode of course doesn't work with any of the new games. If you were expecting...
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    neoloco = pekas123 = Last Blade scammer on eBay

    WARNING. Found out that pekas123 is working off another eBay user ID, neoloco. Here's the original Last Blade US AES auction that he used to scam me with. I lost $226. Here's his relisted auction with the starting price (399.99)...
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    Last Blade US AES auction??

    There's a new Last Blade US AES auction on eBay. But I have a funny feeling that it might be pekas123 under a different eBay ID trying to sell the same copy that I won and paid for. As of today, I have not received my game from...
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    SNK titles on other Platforms

    Hello all, I wanted to get some opinions on which system (Xbox, PS2, Dreamcast) handles 2D games the best or has the best conversions of SNK titles. I've played KOF 99 Dreammatch and Last Blade 2 on the Dreamcast but realized that they aren't as good as the original Neo Geo release. In KOF...
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    caroles-collectibles eBay auctions

    I remember reading somewhere on the forum a while back about this seller. Is this seller legit? $400 Buy It Now price for US Metal Slug 2 AES? Sounds too good to be true.
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    Looks like possible scam on US last blade from ebay

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    US KOF 2K AES not on Master List or Price Guide

    Was there an English release of King of Fighters 2000? It's not on the Master List or the Price Guide but there is a pic in the Cart Pics section. How much is this game worth?
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    WANTED:Samurai Shodown 4 US AES

    WTB:US AES: SamSho 4, KOF94, 95, 97 I'm looking to buy US AES versions, MINT & Complete with instructions: Samurai Shodown 4, KOF 94, 95, 97. If you have a copy to sell PM me w/ your price. Thanks
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    Debug Bios Dip codes for AES

    Hi, Does anyone know if there are anymore codes for the DIP switches other than the ones at the Neo-Store? For example, How do you increase the credits? I tried SELECT + A or B but it doesn't work. Thanks, Ralf
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    Mega Neo Geo AES display problems

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I recently bought a Mega Neo Geo system (s-video, debug bios). When I connect it to my HDTV (Sony XBR 30" Flat panel LCD), I notice color/tint problems that appear near the center of the screen when there is alot of RED present (i.e...