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    A Boy and His Blob Wii $25 SHIPPED/SOLD

    Wii A Boy and His Blob-Complete/Excellent $25 Shipped I accept PayPal (no fees). Shipping is via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. (USA Only) SOLD
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    Wii/DS Games For Sale

    Wii Ghost Busters-Complete/Excellent-$20 Destroy All Humans-Complete/Excellent-$15 Wacky World of Sports (Sega) Complete/Excellent-$20 Dead Space Extraction-Complete/Near Mint-$27(SOLD) DS My Sims Agents-Complete/Excellent-$15 Club Penguin-Complete/Excellent-$15 I will give a discount if...
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    Blue DS Lite W/5 Games $85 Shipped (SOLD)

    SOLD Cobalt/Black DS Lite System, Complete/Excellent Condition. (Original Box, Manuals, Stylus x2, AC) DS Games Included Peggle (Complete/Excellent) Trackmania (Complete/Excellent) Trioncube (Complete/Excellent) Soma Bringer Import (Complete/Excellent) Soma Bringer Import) New/Sealed $85...
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    all gone

    PS3 Games Sacred 2 Fallen Angel-Complete/Excellent-$30 (traded) ______________________________ ALL GAMES BELOW ARE SOLD Chronicles of Riddick-New/Sealed$17 X Blades-Brand New/Sealed-$17 Uncharted-New/Sealed-$15 (This was a pack in game) *This comes in the standard PS3 case with the only...
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    Everything Traded

    All Gone, Everything has been traded. Just picked an Ipod Touch and already have a DSi, so I am selling my one month old PSP Series 3000 RockBand Bundle. PSP-3000 Series RockBand Bundle (Complete-System, ac, 4GB Memory Stick, RockBand Unplugged Game, School of Rock Movie Voucher, manuals...
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    I have the following items for sale. EVERYTHING IS SOLD Nintendo Wii-Complete (all cables, ac, sensor, av cords, wiimote, nunchuck) with Box and Wii Sports. (Excellent Condition) *This is a launch unit that works perfectly and has 49 WiiWare games loaded on it. It also comes with a 2.0 GB...
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    SALE IS OVER...THANKS I have a Near Mint (complete) BlazBlue PS3 looking to trade for InFamous. Or...will do $40 shipped. _______________________________ I have the following DS games for sale or trade. Import DS Soma Bringer-Mint Complete $20 Soma Bringer-Brand New/Sealed-$25 ($35...
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    Swords and Soldiers Wiiware

    Fantastic game that just came out in the USA and was already released in the UK. Only a 1000 points with multiple campaigns, challenges and vs. If you have a Wii...look into this. Here is a youtube user review that gives you a good idea of what the game is like...
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    DS Games FS/T (SOLD)

    I have the following DS games for sale/trade. All games are Complete/Near Mint Condition SOLD Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Blue Dragon Plus From the Abyss Away Suffle Dungeon All 4 games $50 Shipped USA Only I accept Paypal (no fees) and will ship via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation...
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    Cost to publish a game?

    Anyone in the business have an idea what it runs to publish a game? Or what the process is? Gauntlet DS was finished over a year ago and received a couple good reviews. It offered online and local play and looked pretty good. Edios and I think Backbone were the makers but they ran out of...
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    Final Fantasy CC Echoes of Time DS

    I picked up a couple of copies of this and then rented a copy of the DS and Wii version and it is a lot of fun. The single player game is decent but if you can get two or more players playing it is a really fun hack/slash/loot gathering game. The Wii version and DS versions can all connect...
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    Street Fighter IV w/Guide 360 SOLD

    Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV with Strategy Guide (Complete/NM)-$45 Shipped (SOLD) Trades I would trade for any two of the listed DS games (Complete/Excellent Condition) Zelda PH Dragon Quest IV Blue Dragon Plus Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Disgaea Other? Terms I accept PayPal (no fees) and...
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    Forget It

    Note Deal fell through. I didn't keep the PMs from the other offers that came in. So...Never Mind
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    GTA Chinatown Wars DS

    So...this should be out on March 17th? Is anyone going to pick this up? There really hasn't been a lot of info about the game and the videos have been pretty limited. I am going to grab it but I don't expect it to compete with what the PSP was able to do with the series. It sounds like...
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    Tapout Co-Founder Dead

    I was going to post this yesterday but didn't get around to it.,-MMA-sponsor-dies-in-car-crash?MSNHPHMA I know there are some MMA fans here, not sure how many watched the Tapout series though. The pictures from the crash are...
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    MadWorld Wii

    Anyone picking this up this week? I was going to rent it but I might just buy it instead. IGN Review
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    Game & Watch Collection DS (SOLD)

    DS Game & Watch Collection (Brand New/Sealed) (USA Version) *This is the game you get with 800 points from Club Nintendo and it has Oil Panic, Donkey Kong and Green House on it. (SOLD) Trades Will trade for DS game(s) I would prefer to trade this but will sell for $35 Shipped.
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    Wii Tales of Symphonia 2 with Strategy Guide (Complete/Near Mint)-$35 Dead Rising CTYD (Complete/Near Mint)-$30 Samba de Amigo (Complete/Near Mint)-$15 360 GTA IV with Strategy Guide (Complete/Near Mint)-$30 You're in the Movies (Game, Case, Instructions) Near Mint-$20 With Camera-$30...