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    Triggerheart Exelica Goes Live Next Week

    More shmup goodness
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    Some awesome MvC2 smack talk

    That's right, fuck the Knicks!
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    Sports sub-forum in unrelated

    Any thoughts on creating a sports sub-forum in unrelated. In unrelated we have threads going on about NCAA Football, MLB, NFL, and probably soon to come NBA talk along with NCAA bball. With a sub-forum we could flesh these threads out a little more. Just an idea. Let me know what you think.
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    EA acquires BioWare and Pandemic

    Fucking nuts
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    Finished Halo 3 thread (spoilers coming out ya ears)

    Just finished Halo 3. What a load of BS. I mean the ending and all was better than Halo 2. The campaign was better than Halo 2. It felt more Halo 1 than 2, and it came full circle. BUT Where was the frickin' huge battle the big advertising campaign is all about (John 117 Monument). I...
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    Fight for Kisses

    Just watch.
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    07 Commando for the DS

    Very similar to Metal Slug
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    Give feedback on Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix achievements Any suggestions? 2 pts for doing Zangief's pile driver on a 360 pad
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    VF5 on 360 goes online Probably the biggest "Fuck You" I seen in this console war so far :p
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    Damn this made my day I don't think she was gonna get up from that KO anytime soon.
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    Shadowrun (360 & Windows)

    Anyone pick this up yet? Windows or 360? From what I heard actually plays like a mixture between Tribes and Counterstrike.
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    Metroid Prime 3 dated: August 20th

    Just adds to the cluster fuck that is the last 2 weeks of august leading into September.
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    Halo 3 Beta impressions

    So I got the beta last night and here are some quick impressions. * I'm digging how they toned down jump and run speed. * Matchmaking is a little fincky right now, but it works. * The water is gorgeous. * Decent looking, but the graphical showcase for the system is Gears of War * Lots of...
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    Anyone else excited that Starcraft 2 is finally coming

    Blizzard ( is counting down to something and I'm 99.9% sure its Starcraft 2 and it will be an RTS. I still play the original Starcraft and its expansion Brood War to this day. The .1% of me is split that it will be Starcraft: Ghost or an MMO.
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    All-Pro Football 2K8

    2K Sports returns to the football to challenge Madden again: Features include: * 240 past football greats * Franchise mode * Next gen engine * Oh, and Rush
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    Video Short: The Landlord

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    Anyone get Boom Boom Rocket today

    Boom Boom Rocket is a rhythm game from Bizzare Creations (Geometry Wars) available on Xbox Live Arcade. Anyone download and try this out today? I'm still stuck at work waiting to give it a shot.
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    Probably one of the greatest video game commercials

    TV comercial for Pole Position
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    Brothers in Arms is coming to the Wii and DS (I can finally say what I am working on)

    Hurrah, I can finally reveal what I am working on! I am working on the Wii port of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill and Earned in Blood also know as Brothers in Arms: Double Time Here is the press release: If you have questions in this thread...
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    TMNT the Arcade Game on partnernet (Xbox Live for devs)

    TMNT the Arcade Game is up on parternet. Just downloaded it. Brings me back to playing it in a movie theater back in '89 :)