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  1. Zak

    IC - CAVE Kit Box Protectors - Friday 19th Closing.

    I've been getting more requests for these over the last 2 years - they are much stronger/thicker than the ones sold elsewhere. The seam is also on the outside (to allow for smooth entry) Putting this up for a week. Here are the specs: Material: 0.7mm PET transparent (Sven666 thickness)...
  2. Zak

    Shudder -PC (Steam) a shooter that's not a shooter! I've had a play of this last night and it really is something special. Coming from a 2 man team makes it all the more impressive. Imagine Geometry Wars without the shooting mechanic. Don't stop reading there! The lack of shooting may seem...
  3. Zak

    FT: Mushihimesama Kit + Espgaluda 2 Kit

    Mushihimesama kit + Espgaluda 2 kit for trade. Looking for a Pink Sweets kit :)
  4. Zak

    Switching JAMMA Power Supply (interference)

    Hi guys, I recently changed my switcher from a generic Chinese PSU to a Meanwell RT-125A PSU. It's all working nicely. However, after swapping the PSU, I now have a lot of interference (scrolling diagnal lines). It's not PCB specific, it will do it with ANY PCB plugged in. If I disconnect...
  5. Zak

    WTB: Virtual memory card for multislot board (NeoTurfMasta ones)

    I'm after 2 of these if anyone can help :glee: Thanks.
  6. Zak

    FT: Mad Shark PCB + Gun Frontier PCB (Both original with no repairs)

    Looking for a J.J. Squawkers PCB.
  7. Zak

    WTB: Nanao MS8-25FTB Chassis

    Restoring a Canary - really need this chassis. Top dollar paid! Also got loads of nice stuff for trade, CPs, PCBs, etc.
  8. Zak

    WTB: SNK Candy cab Power Supply

    This one, please :)
  9. Zak

    FS: CAVE Kit Box Protectors

    Hi chaps :) I'm getting some new CAVE kit box protectors made. I got a quote back for a run of 200. Here are the specs: Material: 0.7mm PET transparent (Sven666 thickness) Size: 27.7cm x 8cm x 42cm Cost will be 」15 before shipping. They will be ready to ship in 2 weeks List so far from...
  10. Zak

    WTB: Metal Slug 1 Original Poster

    Top dollar paid for an original Slug 1 poster :help: If cash isn't your thing, I've got stuff for trade too!
  11. Zak


    Looks great! Anyone have first hand experience with this one?
  12. Zak

    Super X

    Has anyone played this? It looks fun. One of the cheaper shooter PCBs when it comes up too:
  13. Zak

    Denjin Makai 2 PCB (JPN?)

    Hi guys, Is this an original Japanese PCB?
  14. Zak

    Naomi VMU Compatibility

    Does anyone have a VMU compatibility list? Has anyone tried it with Powerstone 1 & 2? Is there anyway to unlock the extra weapons in the arcade version, or was this limited to the Dreamcast release only?
  15. Zak

    WTB: Akai Katana Limited Home kit ( offer up to $4000!)

    Good price paid :help: Offer increase :help:
  16. Zak

    FS: SegaSonic The Hedgehog with original Sega Trackball Panel

    Looking for an Akai Katana Limited Kit. Now for sale: $2500 including worldwide shipping.
  17. Zak

    WTB: Batsugun + Mahou daisakusen + several other PCBs

    Must be originals: J.J. Squawkers Mahou daisakusen Batsugun Thunder Dragon 2 Gunnail Cannon Dancer Fire Barrel Edward Randy Rapid Hero Vimana Tatsujin V-V Bonk Charlie Ninja Black Panther Wardner Cash waiting. Also got a Mint Gun Frontier and other NOS cab parts for trade.
  18. Zak

    Rapid Hero PCB

    NMK shooter: Anyone own this game? :) What do you think of it? You chase a samurai robot through space - at the end of each stage he gets more powerful and ridiculous. Fast game play with a great soundtrack.
  19. Zak

    WTB: SNES Wild Guns + Ninja Warriors (mint or sealed) $$$offering a lot of money!

    As title says, offering a lot of money.