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  1. WoodyXP

    WTB: Sonic Wings 2 & Mutation Nation manuals

    I have copies of Sonic Wings 2 & Mutation Nation(JPN) that are missing their manuals. If you have any you'd like to sell give me a shout.
  2. WoodyXP

    AES Carts for Sale!!!

    I've been slowly migrating to the MVS and it's time to start unloading my AES carts. Prices do not include shipping. US only. Pics can be found here Fatal Fury - $30 -=-=--=-=-=-= * Case in great shape. Insert has wear along the top, same as what you would see if the clear plastic was cut...
  3. WoodyXP

    Coming soon...

    EopOYY6-Oio What do you guys think of this?
  4. WoodyXP

    FS: Saturn Games, MSX, other stuff

    All gone!
  5. WoodyXP

    FS: Neo Geo Stuff

    All gone!
  6. WoodyXP

    What the fuck do you mean you ain't got now Whoppers!?!?

    The World's coming to end...
  7. WoodyXP

    Awww..fuck.. I just nutted myself

    Heads up to anyone who cares... the JPN version of Super Metroid lets you play with English text. A pleasant surprise to me... I've never played this game before and I was expecting to have to read Japanese. What a sigh of relief.. fuck.. I love this game.
  8. WoodyXP


    Found this on Youtube.. a dope way to beat Double Dragon.
  9. WoodyXP

    Opening an AES cart - Nanunauanuanauanauanuanauanauanaunauan

    Anybody know how to do this without screwin up the sticker? Or know where a FAQ might be? I just aquired a copy of Sonic Wings 2... and it has something rattling inside of it... bugs the hell out of me. :help:
  10. WoodyXP

    Van Damme summons his fairy spirit

    Everybody stand back!!