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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    I'll say! That's the easiest of the bunch, get better roke. Speaking of getting rusty: I 1cc'd Truxton. Correct, the much easier Genesis version. On "easy". Hooray... I'll better look up that easiest shmups thread immediately.
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    Ha! I was curious to see when this will happen. I hope ppl will find another loophole soon.
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    H Belated BD BlackaneseNinja

    Hehe, I noticed that, too. It was the 12th, IIRC. Happy Birthday, my dear NiNjA! PS: To answer your question from another reply, everything's fine. Glad to read your posts again.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I watched Deceived, a little thriller from Damian Harris. I really liked Bad Company and was anxious to see another Harris movie, but this one was just solid. Goldie is ok, but John Heard is totally out of place and the script is unable to transcend this familiar story into something...
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    SNES 1CC thread aka hop on that bandwagon thread.

    A masterpiece, congrats! I once said that it's like a Neo Geo game that losts its way and ended up on the SFC. With a few tweaks, it could have made a great Neo title, indeed. It's still remains a great 16-bit experience.
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    That's the way to go, yet, I'm still not sure. AD is one of my die-hard favorites, so this sequel can only loose in comparison. Obviously the whole trick is to forget any comparisons between the two and just play the sequel carte blanche, but it's easier said than done. There's hope my curiosity...
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Just a quick support for our local Sheriff, another big' THANKS' to Mouse_Master!
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    Happy Birthday wataru330

    Happy Birthday wataru330, all the best wishes & a great time spent with your family today! Here's one sweet toast to you, my friend: Many Happy Returns!!! I'll play Download 2 specially for this occasion ;).
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    Happy Birthday... BeefJerky!!!

    Here's one to a unique Member, whose threads and posts are unforgettable, for good or bad, but that's what makes them so great: they are real in every sense of this word. I hope you have time for a nice celebration, Beff! Wish you all the best and let you decide what best is. Happy...
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    Happy Birthday Dear Arcademan!!!!!!

    A Happy Birthday to the soul of, its warm center, the straight up member... Arcademan!!! I hope you'll have a great day, get lots of kisses and have some calls from your family, spend some time with a nice glass of 12 year old Scotch and enjoy friends around you ;). I wish you many...
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    SOTM July 2019: Captain Tomaday

    So far I love this game, except its massive slowdowns, but they sure help. Here's my entry: Edit: oliverclaude - 59,822.50 - MVS Game should be renamed Captain Tulipday, or whatever plant sticks in that pot of the last mutation form anyway. Yes, that's all you have to do: change into the...
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    Happy Birthday BlackaneseNiNjA!

    Happy Birthday BlackaneseNiNjA Hope you have a FANTASTIC (+GREAT) day :buttrock: That's for the official part, here's my own: A becoming great member of this community, a true SNK fan and a friend here, have a nice one today, dear BlackaneseNiNjA, I wish you another year of many happy...
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    preview de windjammers 2

    CORY, eternal love fro bringing me back, cause basically, all this empty talk comes down to a simple Facemash duel...
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    preview de windjammers 2

    Alors kuk, mon cher ami, tu as l'optimisme d'un Jacobin qui vient de décapiter son premier Royaliste. Pour moi, le contraire est le cas, je le vois comme Robert Altman dans The Player: un gros poisson mort dans un étang luxueux, sa charogne est nourriture pour tous les autres petits poissons...
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    PCE / T-16 1CC thread

    The TFIV clear was tough and clearing the very easy Power Gate was just the right way to work it off. Sweet engrish included ;).
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    Thunder Force IV tips *sigh*

    Those last weeks were almost TFIV exclusives. My route was Strite>Daser>Ruin>Air-Raid. Here's my reasoning: Strite -- In this stage the boss takes a long foreplay, which just drags too long. Having it done first makes for a less boring play later on. Having the toughest boss (Gargoyle Diver)...
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    Neo Geo Game of the Month June - TURFES EDITION - Neo Turf Masters!

    Wow, must have missed that one because of Word Cup fever. Thankfully it's not too late... see you this evening! Edit: Ok, here's my entry: oliverclaude - -18 - Robert Landdort (GER) - NGH - 0 The first half was a dream, the second turned into a windy nightmare. Still, all well that ends...
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    Razion 1cc Big Tymer Club

    Here's my entry: Some afterthoughts... -- you can get, as wyo discovered, an extend after each 40 million points you gain (I lost one life during this run and remained with 3 extends at the end) -- grasping the scoring system is essential for survival, because collecting point-cubes...
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    PCE / T-16 1CC thread

    My last project, Nexz 1cc. Played on a DUO with the original non-Carnival disc. Tough at first, then, using asid's way of letting a game go for weeks, then coming back to it, it wasn't that much of a hassle. For the second score I did milk the starship for its evercoming mechs. Beside that...