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  1. dgame

    Best Ramen / Noodle Cup

  2. dgame

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

  3. dgame

    Name That Tune

    What tune is this? Thanks!
  4. dgame

    What are the good RGB monitors that can be found in the USA?

    I have a Mitsubishi MegaView 33 (XC-3315C) presentation monitor and it is very good if you can find one. The MegaView 33 is a big, heavy, beautiful monitor that displays native arcade resolutions. The picture is bright and crisp and the contrast is excellent. The fat dot pitch and scan lines...
  5. dgame

    SECRET SANTA 2016!!! :D

  6. dgame

    Mini NES Pi with Working NFC Mini Cartridges

    This is not my project and I have no affiliation other than having pre-ordered an electronics kit for myself This is a Raspberry Pi 2 in a 3D printed mini NES case with working mini 3D printed cartridges It runs RetroPie Jesse The novelty is that it also uses NFC tags to allow the mini...
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    My Cab and so on

    Never seen one of these before:
  8. dgame

    the hyphen joke is kind of getting old

    This one?
  9. dgame

    the hyphen joke is kind of getting old

    The Hyphen is NO Joke.
  10. dgame

    Blast City Club

    I am interested in those screws as well. That would be "E" in this picture:
  11. dgame

    WTB: 100yen coins for cabinet

    Not my picture:
  12. dgame

    East Coast Candy Cab Group Buy 2.0

    It has 5575 on the other side: Edit: Other side