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    Latest version(blue), comes with box and bubble wrapping. Converter instructions also included. No chips on the cart slots. Comes in a cart shell, and I'll include an extra cart shell just in case someone wants to cut it better than my first one. PayPal only-must have a confirmed/verified...
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    SSVS jap cart=$495 at the Neo Store??

    Damn the price just keeps going up and up. :spock:
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    Katamari Damacy?

    Anyone else picking this little game up? The reviews are positive and the game looks simple and fun. Plus, you can't beat 20 bucks. :buttrock:
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    Anyone pick it up today and had time to play it???
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    Classic GBA 77 bucks at CC
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    Syxx573 touched my special place..

    ..and he also he sold Fats and me some games and they came packaged well and in great condition. Thanks little buddy!
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    GBA-Super Puzzle Fighter II & Iridion II

    Both games minty. Here's teh pic. 35 shipped with USPS and DC#. PayPal only with verified address. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    I've been pwned by the boss in the Ninja Gaiden Demo..

    Has anyone beat this guy? He keeps pwning me over and over! :mad: I hate to see what the other boss characters are gonna be like...
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    No more MVS

    A friend of mine that works for Sammy has told me that Neo Geo MVS is no more. Sammy will be putting ALL new SNK games on their own hardware. I'm guessing if they say no more MVS its also the death of home carts. Could KOF03 be the last game? I guess we all saw this coming. Time to get an...
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    Game Choice Club- $199 Matrimelee jap!!

    Good deal! Linky
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    OMFG!! The Roker!!!!

    made my sex fall out!! Thanks for the great game!! Top notch seller!!
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    Janet showed tit??

    Ok I was watching the half time show and Justin and Janet did some dance, and at the end Justin reaches for her chest and pulls one side of her top off and I swear it looked like Janet's tit flopped out!! It was so quick that I dont know if it was meant to happen or it was an accident. Can...
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    OMFG!! Daklighterx.......

    .....Rocks!!! Great seller!! Thanks for the game!!!!!!
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    Free EGM subscription!

    Yes I know the mag sucks, but its free. Free EGM Enjoy
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    Frame Gride 2!!!!!

    Great seller!! Thanks for teh game!! :D
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    Ninja Commando & Sam Sho 2 MVS kit!s!!

    Hey party people, I've sold my cab so now I'm back to home carts. I've got a minty fresh Samurai Showdown 2 US kit for sale. SOLD Pic 1 Pic 2 I also have a Ninja Commando US sort of kit. If you look at the pics, you'll see that 2 pieces of the art are photo copied. Other that the kit is...
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    For those who haven't seen old posts of mine, this site has some of the best streaming techno/trance/house around!! It's recently been updated with more flavors of techno so ENJOY!! <a href="" target="_blank">Teh Shiznat!!</a>
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    Well from all the threads about this topic I've narrowed it down to Wednesday the 14th at 1pm, in front of the SNK booth. Does this work for everyone?? If so, please make a post confirming this is ok. See you there!! loco Also, my pic is in the neo photo album, so take a look. :cool:
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    So where does everyone go for Neo chat now??

    I've been to #Gigapower, #Snk-Capcom, and the java chat that's linked from here, but I see nothing going on. Is Neo chat dead? :confused:
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    Starting an MVS collection

    Hey all, I'm looking for the following complete US kits: KOF 96 KOF 97 KOF 98 Metal Slug 1 Pulstar Last Blade 2 Sam Sho 4 Please PM me if you can help out. Thanks!!