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  1. Ben Richards

    What to do now?

    OK, First thing, I acknowledge I broke down and bought the Neo Geo Gold, as I love Neo Geo Games and I don't have allot of money for the old cart system and games that I used to have. I have enrolled myself in a 12 step Neo Geo Gold system group and dealing with this so PLEASE no smart remarks...
  2. Ben Richards

    AT Portable Sega Genesis

    I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, as I picked up one over Christmas at Dollar General for $40. It is a OK Sega Genesis emulator, although the sound is messed up on some games. It kind of reminded me Of the Neo X, as it came with pre-loaded games, USB charging cable, and the ability to...
  3. Ben Richards

    Battery on Neo Geo X Handheld

    I am confused about the battery charging recommendations on this. On the website and I think, in the booklet, it states "How do I charge the battery for the NEOGEO X? The NEOGEO X must not be charged using a stand alone power supply or USB cable. ALWAYS connect the NEOGEO X to the Docking...
  4. Ben Richards

    Running back to the Neo Scene

    Hello and thanks for allowing me to be part of this great community! My parents bought me an Atari 2600 for $199 in 1981 and have been hooked since then. I saw the Neo Geo at a fair in 1990 and knew I had found the ultimate machine. I broke down and bought the system for $700 with Nam, when...