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    mortal kombat armageddon thread

    coming to a ps2 and xbox is the new mk 7. it's going to host every character from all the games into one package. i'll do my best to update this thread with the latest pics and news. but from what i have seen and heard of this will be possibly the last one for this generation system. with...
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    endings in kof xi

    anyone know where i can find the ending to this game?
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    need duck king help

    i can't get his break spiral dm to save me. is there a way to short cut his motion or something?
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    help me kill the bosses at kof 11

    espcially the last one. that bastard is cheap as hell. stupid orochi wannabe :envy:
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    nc neo roll call!!

    alright now. kof 11 is here!! neojedi, galfordo, brylmoo, and anyone else within distance get your asses here. its time for me to show you how its done. :make_fac: i will be checking this thread from time to time. i would like us all to have a get together somewhere at sometime...
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    soul calibur 3

    i notice their isn't one and i need alittle help. their is a hidden boss in the game that i am trying to get to and well the path to this boss is anything but easy. i'm trying to fight night terror, a pumped up version of nightmare. im trying to use weapons that heal since you can't lose a...
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    so what is the best phone company to hookup with on your cell

    my family wanted to surprise me with a new cell phone but who should i go to? what is the best plan and the best company to get it from
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    rise of the imperfect?

    ok i saw the horrid commercial which no one should see sober or drunk, but i was curious about the game. its a fighting game with marvel superheroes and EA's "superheroes". is it even worth renting/buying? your thoughts?
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    shinobi for ps2 kicking my ass big time

    ok. i'm at the last boss hiroko with joe on hard. it's bad enough on hard but joe's sword slashs are weak compared to the other two ninja. any tips on how i can finally put the smackdown on this bastard boss? :conf:
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    destroy all humans...good or bad

    this game looks like a weak version of the grand theft auto series. am i wrong? is this game worthwhile or worthless? your opinions are appreciated
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    so whats the storyline to kof 11?

    im just wondering which ending are canon as well among this question? will their be a kind of side story like 2k3? (something simular to the adelheid storyline)
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    anyone played the star wars lego game?

    i know its a kid version but i was wondering how it would play and fare with to the other star war games. your thoughts?
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    got me some work at the hospital

    i feel like a million bucks right now. i a few short weeks i got a new job as a valet for the hospital. i'm starting at $11 an hour and full benefits. between running around and some prayers, i am starting thursday. i can't believe it!! i'll be running around like a mad man now. can you...
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    finally played the episode 3 game and....

    ok im really confused about something. when in the blue hell did anakin/vader learn and used force lightining? sidious and tyrannus can do it, not vader. and if he did it as vader, he would kill himself since he has cybernetic limbs. wtf?
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    can't get into chatroom need some help

    everytime i try to get in it get glitchy and it keeps "loading itself". am i doing something wrong? any help is appreciated.
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    any dynasty warrior 5 fans/players?

    naturally drawn to it of course, they do has new changes and characters guan ping, (best remembered from the battle of fan castle, faceless general) xing cai, (if im not mistaken, she was on the kessen series) ling tong, (if you have dw4, the battle between wu and huang zu. if ling cao is...
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    ps2 memory problem

    i have that clear looking ps 2 memory card that has more space, but lately i've been getting some memory curruption on a few games. i never had this problem before till maybe a few days ago. and words of wisdom?
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    any good mech games for ps2?

    been awhile since ive seen any decent ones. any good recommendations?
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    question in ps2 2k2

    you know how sometimes you fight one of the nest team members before facing rugal? well somehow got to fight shingo one time and then geese the next. i was wondering if their was any paticular method to fighting the hidden fighters(i.e perfect wins, dm finishes)? so far its only happenend...
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    mk deception for gamecube...

    has goro and shao kahn to the mix. damn i want to kill people with them on the ps2. i say that xbox and ps2 owners were decevied. :mad_2: :crying: