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  1. skotgun

    how is there not a thread for this movie?

    Py_IndUbcxc MOON NAZIS!:buttrock:
  2. skotgun

    recommend a movie.

    anything you think is awesome. title and general idea about it would be great. i'm bored and don't watch tv. so, brothers, help me out.
  3. skotgun

    aparrently i bought a 2800 MS point card last night

    i sure don't remember doing that. i don't even know what to spend it on. suggestions?
  4. skotgun

    speed of light "broken".

    source. discuss.
  5. skotgun

    modified consoles

    link i know a lot of these you've probably already seen, but there were a few that i haven't. the last one is my favorite though. where do the controllers plug in?!
  6. skotgun

    Mississippi town pwns Westboro Baptist Church protest.

    Source hahaha, if only more towns would pull this. pure awesome.
  7. skotgun

    stand-up comedians/specials you enjoy. (suggestions thread?)

    gotta be honest, haven't seen a whole hell of alot. or moreso, i can't immediatly think of a whole lot that i do really think are funny. though i do enjoy david cross, louie c.k., katt williams, russell peters. mostly i'm just looking for suggestions.
  8. skotgun

    so... what do you do?

    as in occupation/career whatever. i'm currently in school. govt is paying for it and giving me money on top of that. Parts and Materials Technician. it's a trade related job. after i finish the course, sometime in feb i think, i'll be certified and it'll be easy to find a place that'll hire me...
  9. skotgun

    Why The Internet Will Fail

    Newsweek circa 1995. considering what the internet was like back then, you can't really blame the guy. no one really knew what it was going to turn out like. and so many ideas that people thought would work, never did, and vice versa.
  10. skotgun

    about the civil war room colors...

    the parts where it's dark blue on black are hard to read, especially when you have to sit as far back from my momitor as i do. can you please put some thought into changing it?
  11. skotgun

    mortal kombat 9 doesn't look like complete crap. yet.

    interview/gameplay. never been a big fan of the MK series, but this could be alright. good to see it's back to 2D. i don't think midway has the skills to make a good 3d fighter.
  12. skotgun

    recommend some PC games.

    just got a decent PC up and running again, and i've been out of the loop for a while. nothing too hardware-crazy (i got amd 2.2 quad-core, nvidia 8500gt, 3gig ram). but nothing too old (windows 7 still has some problems running some older games). going to try and find a copy of system shock 2...
  13. skotgun

    How To Destroy Angels (trent reznor & wife) free ep for download i think it sounds more like stuff from The Fragile than the more recent NIN albums. but still just kinda sounds like NIN with a girl singing.
  14. skotgun

    insanely awesome ODST live-action trailer.

    we are ODST hopefully this will be something like the halo movie will be.
  15. skotgun

    Obama: "I ain't yo bi*ch, n*gga! Get your own damn fries!"

    so apparently barack obama wrote a book called Dreams From My Father. and in this book there is a whole part about one of his high school friends named Ray. what's hilarious is they actually got obama to read the audiobook. which means he read Ray's quotes. which means we get awesomeness like...
  16. skotgun

    anyone getting any of this? (street fighter clothes) ships on the 19th of dec. was able to get the last of the very limited pre-order shadaloo jacket last night. good thing they're releasing the rest on the 19th, so my friend can get one too, and hopefully i can change mine to a medium, since the last one they had was a large.