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    ps to neo adapters

    anyone know where the best place to get ps to neo converters? i put in an order with goldenshop as that was the only place i could find them in stock but i remembered ordering from them years ago and the product not coming and i waited like 3 months so i canceled and went with liksang but they...
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    aes game prices

    i love the neo games and just recently picked up an aes with 2 games pretty cheap i cant understand why alot of the games are so expensive when the mvs versions are so much cheaper i mean does a box and a manual really make the game worth so much more i also understand alot of the titles are...
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    Any RI cats out there

    anyone here from rhode island besides me and risk? we need to get some shit going
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    Just got my self a neo

    i just got an aes system with kof 95 and samurai spirits the case has a few flaws to it but nothing to not make the system work properly i paid $180 for it it has 2 games and 1 controller and the serial # is 018906 do u guys think i made a good buy i always wanted a neo system so i had to pick...