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  1. NeoTurfMasta

    WTB Famicom Player 1 controller

    Doesn't have to work, just look decent. Thanks
  2. NeoTurfMasta

    NeoBiosMasta VMC for MV1B, MV1C, MV1A and MV1FZ

    I have a few available and like always, I give members first dibs on my projects. $39 + $3 shipping US, or $13 international. ONE PER PERSON PM me for payment details. More details are on my site: Before I'm asked, it only works on...
  3. NeoTurfMasta

    The answer to the question that no one is asking. Language mod for Neo Geo CD Front Loader

    Maybe this would have been more helpful 20 years ago, but I today I figured out how to region mod the Front Loader Neo CD. Unlike the Top Loader and CDZ, the Front Loader is not labeled. This location on the FL motherboard shares a similar circuit to the Top Loader's region selection...
  4. NeoTurfMasta

    Dark Adventure Konami PCB: SOLD

    Prices on eBay seem pretty high, but I'm under the impression it is a little hard to find. I'm not a big fan of it, but you might be? How does $250 shipped priority sound? Comes w/ manual too..
  5. NeoTurfMasta

    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Dec 2017 run CLOSED

    $43 + $3 shipping in the US. $43 + $7 shipping internationally. Price increase explanation. I will take orders until January 5th or until sold out. One per person please, no exceptions! Orders will ship periodically throughout the next few weeks. I will stop taking new orders after the 5th...
  6. NeoTurfMasta

    Undercover Cops US PCB $OLD!

    I think $550--->$500 is about selling price now. Yes? No? PiPPiN trade only.
  7. NeoTurfMasta

    WTB: Google Daydream set

    FU I found one.
  8. NeoTurfMasta

    Neo Geo CDZ Single or Double Speed: Let's Discuss

    This has been debated a lot over the years. We all know SNK had some colorful marketing, "24Bit" right. The CDZ was marketed in Japan as having a "Double Speed CD-ROM Drive." Were they lying? Let's look at the evidence. I first took a look a this site with 'X' drive specs...
  9. NeoTurfMasta

    Proof the Atomiswave was the successor to Neo Geo!

    I'm lying. It was just a Dreamcast that had it's GD-Rom replaced with a cart. Meet the Atomiswave Dev Kit, the System X. It truly is a Dreamcast Katana box with a Flash Cart where the GD-Rom sat. The PCB you see on the front contains a Jamma interface and what I assume is an expansion...
  10. NeoTurfMasta

    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Color BLACK: SOLD OUT

    Right, there is one model of the 2 slot that does not have the built in reader. EDIT: Attached photo of the 2 slot missing the reader. MV2B
  11. NeoTurfMasta

    Rez Infinite on PC - $20 early price Buy it, srsly.
  12. NeoTurfMasta

    Random Stuff For Sale: Will be adding more as I find it : Wonderswan Crystal, ST-V...

    Prices include US shipping All photos are in Dropbox here: Power Base Converter $50 Saturn Bomberman Multi Tap $40 Jaguar Breakout 2000 Complete $75 Jaguar Defender 2000 $40 SFC Satellaview Add-on w/game $115 Super...
  13. NeoTurfMasta

    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Color BLACK: SOLD OUT

    8/14 All cards are sold out right now. More will be available soon. BLACK MEMORY CARDS, NO OTHER COLORS ARE AVAILABLE Here's the original thread:!!!&highlight=neosavemasta $38 + $3 shipping in the US...
  14. NeoTurfMasta

    WTB: PS4 VR Farpoint Aim Controller

    Has anyone seen (or have) one for sale for a reasonable price? I know they seem to be sold out everywhere, but the eBay price is dumb as hell.
  15. NeoTurfMasta

    Astra Super Stars STV $95 shipped

    Works! In purge mode at the moment, I never play it anymore.
  16. NeoTurfMasta

    Samurai Spirits Art Folder

  17. NeoTurfMasta

    Samurai Spirits Art Folder

    Blaster Nakoruru! Never used never published design. Hand painted, I think its paint.
  18. NeoTurfMasta

    Samurai Spirits Art Folder

    Here's one of the original pencil sketches of Hoahmaru. You can see he tried out a few different noses.
  19. NeoTurfMasta

    Trade? My SFC 1 Chip for your SNES 1 Chip

    Looking to trade my SFC 1 Chip for your SNES 1 Chip. Most of my games a US and I'm tired of using a converter. I can post pics later if someone is interested. Thanks!
  20. NeoTurfMasta

    Samurai Spirits Art Folder

    So earlier this year I won a auction for about 1k yen. It looked like a pile of copied SamSho art with some flyers. It came in this dirty and rusted folder with all the pages kind of piled together in about 10 plastic sleeves. I transferred everything out of that old folder into the...