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    Opinion on home cart boot prices

    I'm not 100% if this is the right forum or place for this question but I'm curious. I haven't really heard too many people talk about boot prices and I feel like I get why for the most part. If anyone collects or has bought a boot home cart I would love to hear your opinion. I'm not trying to...
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    The Knick---anybody watching this

    I was wondering if anyone was watching The Knick. So far its seems like its got alot of potential. It has Clive Owen as a doctor in the early twenties.
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    BaseBall Stars 2 online tonight PS3

    if you want to play tonight or this weekend send a friend request sammy_galactic29 or post a time that you will be in the lobby the man next to you is not a friend
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    E-Ciggs VaporFi/Vaporzone

    I was wondering if anyone smokes e-cigs up here and what kind of products you use. I have been using a couple of diff models from vaporzone(they just changed the name to vaporfi)
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    Legit Snatcher SegaCD copy?

    I did a google on this and didn't come up with much. After going through my sega cd games which i bought in a bundle about ten years ago i came across a loose copy of Snatcher. I was wondering if anyone would know how to tell if this is a legit copy. It looks ok but im sure bootleggers can...
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    Hori Neo Geo fighting sticks

    I was wondering what everyone thinks about these sticks as far as feel, modding etc........:B:
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    Metal Slug NGPC give away Story Time

    ok so today i hade my marketplace privaleges taken away for not contributing ive seen give away's up here so i figured i would do something nice for someone up here i have 2 copies of metal slug for ngpc they have diff graphics so they are diff regions the person that tells the best story...
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    Anyone want to play BBS2 on PSN

    i have never actually found someone to play BaseBall Stars 2 online if you want to play sometime send me a message sammy_Galactic29 is my psn and remember the man next to you is not your friend :)
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    NGPC console a few AES games

    looking for Kof 97 and a NGPC console traded this game away recently and would like to pick up this up again i could pay through paypal or do trades(i have some mvs and neo geo old style control stick/hori neo geo fighting sticks, neo geo cd games, neo geo pocket games) I am also looking...
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    Need help identifying MVS carts

    hello im wondering if anyone knows of a place i can access to tell what games i have that are jap mvs titles i have a few that i havent played or had a way to played for a while so im not sure what i have thnx sam