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    fs: unboxed neo, mvs convertor 2, ss & garou densetsu special & vhs

    Neogeo AES, unboxed with a socketed universe bios v.2.3 and phono plugs on the back for sound. (Original bios will be included) megadrive psu and scart lead. super mvs convertor 2 (blue led) play mvs games on your AES! Samurai Spirits, Garou densetsu special. And 5 VHSs with what I guess is...
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    WTB: 2 player control panel

    I'm looking for two player, six button Taito Egret II or newer panel or a Sega Astro panel or newer as those fit as well allthough not as well.
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    Hantarex 33" Polo woes

    Might as well make my own little thread about it. I wonder if anyone got the manual and can tell me the values of C170 & C174 on the 33" polo, my capacitors looks like a cross between charcoal and molten plastic and I havea a bit of a hard time making out what they once where. If anyone have a...
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    Korean leaf switch buttons

    Recently came across these buttons: Sorry for the crappy pick but the camera I was using wasn't the best and neither was the lightning condition. Anyways these great leaf switched buttons are very fast, exact and comfortable to use. They are also a bit smaller than the standard buttons which...
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    Playstation control signal decoder

    Is there any not to expensive way to decode the playstations control signal? Adapter, circuitary diagrams or just general tips would be greatly appriciated. Not to mention more English lessons it seems. ^^;;
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    Naomi question

    Well I have my NAOMI now and the first thing I did with it was to dissasemble it, god it was filthy. I now detest smokers even more than I used to. The case was more yellow than white, the fans in and the air in/outtakes where not yellow though, they where pitch black as well as where some other...