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  1. konrad

    Power of Neo geo

    I mean with the fourteen years that the creators made better and better games with the same hardware they realized the potential of neogeo.
  2. konrad

    Power of Neo geo

    What do you think of the power of NeoGeo during the last fourteen years of life? Almost at the end of his life, when its creators knew the power of neogeo, do you think they could have squeezed more out of the hardware and made an even better sequel than Garou?
  3. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    thanks for listening merry christmas.
  4. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    I have put the other larger motherboard and the same thing happens to me.
  5. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    This is what happens on the original bios screen.
  6. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    Nothing on the screen, only the power led is illuminated before, yes, I heard clicks. I have also tried to remove a cartridge and the checkered screen does not appear.
  7. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    Clean the contacts and still the same.
  8. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    It starts sometimes fine.
  9. konrad

    Problem with motherboard mvf1

    Hello, I have a problem with an mvf1 motherboard that does not start and has power. The red led is on. Could it be the power supply? Best regards
  10. konrad

    What is your favorite snk saga?

    Mine is Ff series World heroes Aof.
  11. konrad

    What is your favorite mvs motherboard?

    I like the mvf1 because each chip is independent, the last vertical load on a chip, there are two if the ysa that contains the z80 and the yamaha 2610 breaks down, for example, you have to change everything for one and in the first plates they are independent it is clear that to reduce the size...
  12. konrad

    Effects game snk

    Which SNK game has the best graphic effects for you?
  13. konrad

    Snk characters

    What are your favorite snk characters, whether they are the protagonists of the game or one that appears in the background making a cameo?
  14. konrad

    Magician lord

    Hello I checked the roms of magician lord and the rom region is wrong, which is where it is located?
  15. konrad

    Graphical failure

    What can this graphical failure be in samurai shodown 2?
  16. konrad

    Hardware neogeo

    Is it possible that the neogeo hardware can be squeezed even more as they did with garou motw?
  17. konrad

    Sometimes out of sound

    It may be that sometimes it runs out of sound but the game works fine.
  18. konrad

    Mutation nation truck stage the same samples joe higashi fatal fury 3

    Playing mutation nation I have noticed that the stage of the truck platform uses the same samples as the stage of joe higashi in fatal fury3
  19. konrad

    What is your favorite NeoGeo soundtrack?

    For me the stage music of Wolfgang Krauser and that of Robert Miles stage rock howard garou is the best that the Yamaha chip has been able to give.
  20. konrad

    What do you think of modern consoles?

    I will never have the same impact that watching a two and three neogeo art of fighting produced on me than watching a modern console, no matter how much ultra hd it may have.