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  1. Hot Chocolate

    The Comic Book Thread

    My exposure to the Legion was the third issue of the Legionaries with Sprouse I got from a rando 30 comic pack from Costco way back in the day. I've basically been going back to play catch up ever since with older issues to the current Bendis run. Also making my way through Body Bags again...
  2. Hot Chocolate

    offical wwe thread

    Watched the needs a new name WrestleKingdom 17: NJPW x Noah show yesterday and I enjoyed it, I had forgotten that Yano spent a lot of times with Jay and Mark as I wasn't prepared for sad Yano during their ten bell. Then earlier today I rewatched the promo they did for the WK10 match against...
  3. Hot Chocolate

    What anime are you watching?

    It sure does, I’ve gone through the dubbed episodes they’ve released so far. Started up the Urusei Yatsura remake(?) and I’m enjoying it.
  4. Hot Chocolate

    What anime are you watching?

    Chainsaw Man -watching at work and I’ve been enjoying it
  5. Hot Chocolate

    The Comic Book Thread

    Bump because I’ve started to get better at actually reading the comics I buy. Finished up the Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special which was like picking up right where most of these stories/characters left off, which makes sense as most of the creative teams associated with these characters came...
  6. Hot Chocolate

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Glass Onion -I really enjoyed this and I think I might like it more than the first one Knives Out. Kinda timely despite being done a while ago. Strange World -my third fav Disney animated movie, bodes well for it considering Mouse Detective & Atlantis are my 1 & 2
  7. Hot Chocolate

    offical wwe thread

    Went to WCPWxRPW King of the Indies 2022 and it was a great show, Dragon Lee three-peated but earlier in the night with how his match with Titus Alexander was playing out I thought Titus was taking it
  8. Hot Chocolate

    offical wwe thread

    Bucks and Kenny should basically be fired as EVPs and just get regular talent contracts, no business worth a damn lets their corporate brass get caught fighting with arguably their top money maker
  9. Hot Chocolate

    offical wwe thread

    LIJ 4 lyf
  10. Hot Chocolate

    offical wwe thread

    I was there, WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME!?!?
  11. Hot Chocolate

    Can I change my forum name

    Can I change it to Hot Chocolate? Not much of a burnout anymore
  12. Hot Chocolate

    River City Ransom: Underground

    Officially licensed sequel to River City Ransom If they make enough to hit stretch goals it could go to Steam and etc
  13. Hot Chocolate

    Jim Kelly aka Williams aka Black Belt Jones has passed

    No no word on the cause of death yet RIP sir, I know that somewhere you and Bruce are showing each other the new stuff you both have come up with APTdjG6Xo9A
  14. Hot Chocolate

    A Simple Request

    Can I have my Trey Burnout username back?
  15. Hot Chocolate

    Tony Scott commited sucide

  16. Hot Chocolate

    Name change please

    I'd like to have it changed to Genki Sudo
  17. Hot Chocolate

    Modnation Racers Vita pics

  18. Hot Chocolate

    Beat Hazard Ultra Fun shooter set to custom soundtracks
  19. Hot Chocolate

    Happy birthday Qube

    Enjoy your day my brotha from another mutha
  20. Hot Chocolate

    Late to the part - Wipeout HD

    Holy fucking jeebus this game is sick and BRIGHT