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  1. Ilovejapangirls

    WTB Garou Mark of The Wolves (CIB AES JP)

    Hello, looking for a CIB copy of MOTW (JP AES). No repros, no conversions. I trust this forum as the only place on the net where I can find a genuine copy of the game. Thank you
  2. Ilovejapangirls


    I wanted to buy a Pc Engine DUO R (or RX, but R is okay) and all the main Valis games (I to IV). Console doesn't have to be boxed, just need to have all the cables needed to boot it up and of course the gamepad. The games have to be CIB. Please write me if You're selling, thanks edit : sp
  3. Ilovejapangirls

    Trouble Witches NEO

    Today on SNKP's yt channel the company made official its decision to port "Trouble Witches NEO" on the XBLA platform. The game will come out in Winter for 800MSp according to this trailer Gy-dLfS-JHs Thoughts? I will buy it as soon as it comes out:) looks cute and fun to play.
  4. Ilovejapangirls

    Street Fighter 4

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    Simpsons question^^

    I just watched the episode where Homer is addicted to medical marijuana it s great^^ now the question is,for who have watched it what are the songs that are played when homer uses marijuana for the first time? I only recognized Smoke On The Water but the other^^? Thanks for replies^^
  6. Ilovejapangirls

    Need help with KOF 98 AES JP^^

    HI^^ i found a kof 98 in a store... good price the problem is this^^ it has a strange colour,i don't know if its sunfaded or what else... i d really like if any of you can submit clear and hi res pics of their KOF 98 JP AES ^^ i would be very very grateful to you^^ because i can't do a...
  7. Ilovejapangirls

    S-C SVC Moves Exhibition Vids

    Hi! I'm trying to find the third and fourth S-C SVC Moves Exhibition Vids... i have every other,but i miss those two:( i m talking about the vids where a guy stands still,and the other illustrates every move for every character(even DM and Exceed) can anyone help me finding em? Thanks in...
  8. Ilovejapangirls

    S V C vids(where?)

    Sorry if this is not news but i'd like to have some links to sites with videos of S V C:) like the one with the Chun lI and Tabasa one,or some others cos i lost everything after an emergency format:( thanks in advance
  9. Ilovejapangirls

    WTB Last Resort Jap NGH/AES

    Hi, i'd like to buy a mint or near mint copy of Last Resort no sunfaded carts please^__^ just pm me or write here your offers^__^ Thanks for your time, Federico
  10. Ilovejapangirls

    Question(maybe stupid^__^)

    Sorry All *Delete this mods please* <small>[ June 15, 2003, 03:20 AM: Message edited by: Ilovejapangirls ]</small>
  11. Ilovejapangirls

    Shito is a Grea Seller

    My Kof 2000 from Shito just arrived to me,and it is in perfect conditions,very well packaged. Great Seller!! THANKS I reccomend Shito to everyone!! Sorry for my bad engRish^__^!
  12. Ilovejapangirls

    Thanks Shito!!

    Shito sold me a RBS AES cart in wonderful conditions,and at a very low price!!!GREAT SELLER!! :D
  13. Ilovejapangirls

    Salve a tutti

    Ho creato questo topic solo per salutare tutti e per dire che è il mio primo post qua....ehm...fine.