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  1. alec

    Kids and mature content

    I'm with you.
  2. alec

    Post Your Guitars (Weird Guitars)

    Hand built B.C. Rich Wave. Finished by Dan Lawrence, loaded with Bare Knuckle Miracle Mans, and equipped with a Moser boost.
  3. alec

    will there be a successor to the 161 in 1 Cart ?

    Because we want X-Men Vs. Street Fighter already damn it!
  4. alec

    Record collecting

    High five bro!
  5. alec Cooking thread

    My pad thai recipe covered in crushed peanuts. I'm not planning on making this for a while, so that picture is all this thread gets for now. I should warn you I never measure anything, but I've never had bad results, always magical and unique. Ingredients: Rice noodles tamarind soup base...
  6. alec

    KOF XIII in the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Cheap! Get on Steam, my handle is tenebrain, let's fight!
  7. alec

    Pokemon X for 3DS for sale or trade OBO

    Bought a 3DS bundle and this just isn't for me. It's like new except opened and played. I'm looking to trade it for another 3ds game or sell it for $30 shipped OBO. I can snap a pic if needed. Thanks guys.
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    candy sub-forum

  9. alec

    Plugging my friend's XBLIG: Magicians and Looters

    Yeah, this is me being shameless, but I would do the same for any of you butt-bozos so hear me out. My friends game just came out yesterday. It's called Magicians and Looters and its available on the Xbox Live Indie Games market for a whopping $1. Turn on your 360 and look under Indie Games New...
  10. alec

    SOLD: Shinrei Jusatsushi TAROMARU Sega Saturn

    With heavy heart I am listing up for sale the rarest of all Saturn games, and a personal favorite of mine. It's all in good shape save for a crease on the front cover which I didn't notice until I took pictures a few minutes ago. There's no spine card or registration card, just the case the...
  11. alec

    MVC: Origins anyone?

    I just bought this game on PSN a few days back and finding matches online is a real challenge. Anybody want to throw down on MSH or MVC1? My MSH Wolverine is ready to shred! These games are so classic. PSN: AlecGh
  12. alec

    WTB Innovation Dreamcast Controller Adapter

    The one that works with both Saturn and Playstation controllers. Thanks!
  13. alec

    CPS2! Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Vampire Savior

    Up for sale are two CPS2 B Boards, both blue shelled USA region games. Vampire Savior (Phoenixed) - $80 shipped Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (that's ducktape residue) - $100 shipped PM me, thanks!
  14. alec

    SOLD: X-Men Versus Street Fighter $55 shipped

    Title says it all pretty much. USA only for this sale please. This is a Blue USA B-Board and version 3 of the game. I don't have any A-Boards to sell with it, sorry. $55 shipped or will trade it for Marvel Super Heroes. Thanks!
  15. alec

    WTT: XMVSF Blue for MSH Green

    Kind of a specific trade request here, but I have a nice condition blue X-Men Vs Street Fighter and I really want a green Marvel Super Heroes board. I'd trade it for a blue one as well. Likewise if you have a cheap green board you want to sell, hit me up with a price!
  16. alec


    Price includes shipping in the USA. I'd consider trading (+cash) for: Marvel Super Heroes (Green) Marvel Vs Capcom (Blue) X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (version 1) Marvel Vs SF (green) Thanks :buttrock:
  17. alec

    ALL GONE!! PS3 MVC3 $45 shipped

    Bought this as a preorder, put it in the console once, took it out once, checked out the manual once, that's all the use this game has seen. $45 shipped in the USA, God bless the mustache. ps: I'll toss in SSF4 for another $10. just let me know.
  18. alec

    FS: SuperGrafx PC Engine Lot

    Hi folks, Selling a rare one today. I'm at school posting this, so I'll upload photos when I get home. Rest assured everything is really clean and in good condition. Included in this sale is: PC Engine Super Grafx Console w/ hook ups and controller (not boxed, but in great shape) Super G&G...
  19. alec

    FS: Parodius JAMMA *SOLD*

    Whats up ZDTF, Parting with this Konami mega-classic. Asking $130 shipped in the USA. Will be shipped USPS Priority in an anti-static bag. Here's a pic snapped today. Thanks for looking :) SOLD
  20. alec

    FS: Bangai O US Dreamcast

    Selling my favorite Dreamcast shooter, times are tough. The manual has light wear and the disc VERY light surface scratches. Overall though good condition. $30 shipped in the USA. $35 shipped anywhere else.