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    WTB: CRE-401 arrays

    Hi all, I'm not sure if anyone has spare CRE-401 arrays to buy so I can replace them in one of my AES. I'm located in Europe (Spain). Regards
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    neogeo aes 3-3 no sound, where to start?

    Changed Z80 and no news, still no sound. Checked continuity between cart slot and Y2610 and between Y2610 and Y3016 and all is fine. It is my Y2610 faulty? Because I didn't see any improvements. Is there a way to get the sound from alternative points? PS: is it normal the capacitor above...
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    neogeo aes 3-3 no sound, where to start?

    Yes, it will take time but if I don't find them here (in Spain) I will get one from them. Besides I think if the caps replacement fixes the problem I can try to apply the rgb and sound fixes too.
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    neogeo aes 3-3 no sound, where to start?

    Thanks for the reply, is there any list of the caps so I can look for them? I tried to look for the list but I only found this one but not sure if it is accurate for 3-3 revision. 100uF 16v 7 10uF 16v 4 1uF 50v 4 2200uF 16v 1 220uF 16v 2 22uF 16v 3 4.7uF...
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    neogeo aes 3-3 no sound, where to start?

    Hi all, I have a neogeo aes 3-3 with no sound at all. Image is fine but no sound. I tried the built-in headphones input and there is a buzz but no sound too. What can I check? I don't see anaything "wrong" in the board, at least no caps busted, etc. I attach pictures of it. Thanks in advance
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    I just was late to buy one from Terraonion so I want to see if anyone wants to sell one.:keke:
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    WTB: Neo Geo AES Japan titles

    Hi, I am looking for titles for my japanese AES collection. I want any title that it is not in this list (the ones I already have). KOF 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01.02.03 Samurai shodown 1,2,3,4,5 Art of Fighting 1,2 Fatal Fury 1,3, Special, Realbout Garou Dunk Dream Sonic wings 2,3 Power Flying...
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    [WTB] KOF 2001 AES (JAP)

    I want to buy this title since is the only one i'm missing from this saga.
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    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Apparently the first Neo-Geo MVS flash card has been released. Here the review 380 euros Thoughts??
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    Lherre's collection

    Well I think I only put (for now) my neogeo items. Later I'll try to take pictures of all my systems-games, limited editions ... And I'll try to resize all the pictures to the same size. A detailed picture (I have to make new pictures of all, now the games have a transparent box). I'll...
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    new guy from spain

    Hi guys, I'm new here and i hope I can enjoy this forums (I hope XD). Maybe I know some people here hehe