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  1. xelement5x

    WTB: Game Boy Micro

    The charging cable on the GBM is super weird and proprietary btw, I don't think any other Nintendo product uses something like it.
  2. xelement5x

    Cool Neo Geo T-Shirts on Fangamer

    Just got an email for these a bit ago and figured I'd share here if anyone else was interested: Schematic version: Old SNK Logo: Sorry if this should go someplace else.
  3. xelement5x

    Floigan Brothers (for Dreamcast) has long-lost DLC unlocked with developers help

    Floigan Bros. was still in development for the Dreamcast when the console was discontinued in March 2001. It launched about four months later. Thanks to the Dreamcast's online innovations, it was among the first console games taking advantage of downloadable content availability. For Floigan...
  4. xelement5x

    Various PS1, PS2, PS3 Games for sale

    I bought a bundle of stuff recently and wound up with a number of duplicates and games I don't want/need so I figured I would post them up if anyone is interested. All games are CIB and in nice shape with no to a couple light scratches unless otherwise noted. Prices are general estimates I...
  5. xelement5x

    FS: Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 Genesis + SegaCD and Bundle with Gun

    Okay, so this is a weird bundle. I've got: 1 Blue Justifier for Genesis 1 Lethal Enforcers for Genesis (Cart, Manual, Poster, and in a universal game case with custom artwork. Artwork is sized to fit in a genesis clamshell if you want to swap later when you get it) 1 Lethal Enforcers for...
  6. xelement5x

    Konami's Cancelled 'Salamander' HD Android Remaster Leaked Online

    Not sure if you guys would find this interesting but I figured it would be cool to share: Gameplay: And the applicable tweet with download...