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  1. Neorebel

    If you had to rank these games in terms of value and desireability, how would you list them?:

    Sengoku 2 Windjammers Waku Waku 7 The Last Blade 2 Top Hunter Spinmasters Robo Army Mutation Nation REAL BOUT 2 THE NEWCOMERS REAL BOUT SPECIAL Art Of Fighting 3
  2. Neorebel

    Strider PC Engine

    I'm selling Strider for PC Engine on eBay for $155+ shipping, would sell to a forum member for $135 shipped to the USA (media mail) paid via PP F & F. In my opinion, this is not a good port despite the...
  3. Neorebel

    Amiibos new in package

    So I kind of have buyer's remorse on these; I am no longer trying to collect Amiibo (Amiibos?). I have enough other crap to collect I'm trying to sell these in one shot without losing much of what I paid for them - am I dreaming? You tell me Can I get $150 + shipping for these? Are there...
  4. Neorebel


    Is there a such thing as a decent, plug & play USB Spinner for arcade game emulation on the PC? Like Ikari Warriors, Heavy Barrel, Tempest, etc? This would not be something for a cab, just an easy setup for sitting at the desk casually playing
  5. Neorebel

    Hardcore Metal Fans Get Your Ass In Here!!

    This is how I would make fun of metalcore, lol Here's the thing about that that ATG thing though - my reaction was based in playing in bands around 10 years ago (playing drums). A bunch of different younger guys I was playing music with were trying to do basically the latest thing and they had...
  6. Neorebel

    Samurai Shodown Neo-Geo Collection (PS4/XB1/PC/SW)

    "This release is not a part of the Limited Run Games Collection and is not a numbered release. We are distributing this title on behalf of SNK Corporation. Missing out on this release will not compromise a complete Limited Run set"
  7. Neorebel

    WTB: Ibara PS2 Complete

    Update - this has been found & purchased :)
  8. Neorebel

    Mid 90s Neo "Star" Unreleased Console - Info

    Came across this short documentary on YT today. What else do we know about this console? Looks like it would have been a beast! Anyone else hear of this?
  9. Neorebel

    Cave iOs games

    Anyone who misses the Cave ports on their iPhone is in for some good news - looks like Cave is going to update them soon. The post states that they will be available as updates for those who already purchased it and that there will be a commemorative sale as well (Hopefully this goes for America...
  10. Neorebel

    WTB: Last Resort, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer MVS

    WTB: Last Resort and Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer MVS carts. US or J, Somewhat decent shape will do. Pls message me. Payment via Paypal.
  11. Neorebel

    New Cotton coming to PC, PS4, Switch Beep, the video game sales division of Japanese company Sangatu Usagi no Mori, has established a publishing division and announced a reboot of the 1991-released...
  12. Neorebel

    Strikers 2020 Announced "City Connection (who own the Psikyo IP) have announced a brand new entry in the Strikers shoot ’em up series with STRIKERS 2020 coming to multiple platforms including consoles and arcade. STRIKERS 1945 and STRIKERS...
  13. Neorebel


    So I just experienced the dreaded 'ribbon issue' where my ps2 tore a number of original and backup discs to shreds - I'm super pissed. As a short term I'm replacing the ribbon but I want to get another slim console where the tray does not allow the ribbon to stick up - looks like the 90001 is...
  14. Neorebel

    *Found* Jtag or RGH 360 Jasper board w/shmups

    Kind of a long shot but does anyone want to sell me a Japanese xbox 360 w/USA compatible power supply, Jasper board with Jtag or RGH exploit and a bunch of cave games already installed on it? I'm out of the loop
  15. Neorebel

    PS2/Wii, etc to PVM

    Hi everyone, I have tried searching for the answer on this one, but I think the issue is that I don't know the best way to phrase this so please bear with me: For the Wii, my HDTV does not handle the virtual console games properly I am assuming due to switching between 'legacy' signals...